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It’s Like You, But Two – Outsourcing

Launching a small business, or making the switch from full-time to freelancer is exciting. However, there might be a range of avenues that will help you free up both time and energy. Many entrepreneurs put in a lot of hours, and many simply call it ‘the grind’ but it doesn’t have to feel that way. No matter where you are in your journey, it is never too early to being outsourcing. 


The Entrepreneur’s Guide of Outsourcing Work Without Losing Quality

While you might want to the main point of contact for all appointment bookings, you might find you are spending a lot of time fielding phone calls and emails. You will likely see a huge benefit to using Setmore,, or TimeTrade. They are automated systems that are easy to use. They run checks on availability, notify you of the bookings (or whoever has been booked). They have a range of other functions too. 


This is going to be a vital part of what keeps your business ticking over well. It will enable you to keep a firm grasp on your finances. There are many freelance sites that have a whole range of brilliant bookkeepers. Try to find one that you feel you can have a good working relationship with longterm. 


Accounting and bookkeeping go hand in hand. Excellent bookkeeping with giving your accountant the most pleasant experience with your accounts. You will be able to make the most of those deductibles too. You won’t have any silly mistakes or end up with fines for not having everything filled in and filed at the right time. 


7 Things to Outsource Immediately to Scale Your Business

From phone systems to your business network, outsourcing your IT to a company like means that you can focus on your business, while they manage your systems. It is a proactive approach and one that will aid your business growth. 


Rather than using endless reams of paper, lighten the load by using an HDD combined with cloud storage. Not only does this provide you with a back-up, but it means that you don’t have to search through endless papers to find what you are looking for. 


This is where many business owners spend most of their time. And many admin tasks are repetitive and can be automated or handed off to a VA. A virtual assistant can free you up so that you can manage your client’s work. Here are some of the tasks that a VA can manage for you. 

What Work Should You Outsource?
  • Research
  • Data Entry
  • File management
  • Transcription
  • Blog writing and commenting
  • Email management
  • Social media management and scheduling

Once you find a VA that understand your needs, you will find that they can quickly increase your productivity and be an amazing asset for your business. If you aren’t ready for a VA, you can automate much of your social media using tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, or Sprout. 

The best way to choose where to outsource is by looking at the skills you don’t have, or where you are spending the most time and plug the gaps. 

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