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How You Can Create And Use Video Invitations At Times Of Covid19

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought the world to a standstill. As social distancing and home quarantine have become the new normal, it has brought about a new behavioral change. From pregnancy announcements to weddings – we have witnessed celebrations of all kinds through teleconferencing. 

However, as the lockdown measures start to relax and small gatherings are permitted by the Government, there is a semblance of the good old days where social life was thriving. If you want to break out from the usual work from home routine, putting together a small get-together may be a great idea. Naturally, it is best to avoid meeting your friends in person just as yet to avoid the risk of exposure or transmission.

In this case, it would be best to issue a video invite to keep this interesting and personal. Once you figure out how to create a video, it is only a matter of incorporating minor personalization elements. The following are some tips that will allow you to create and use video invitations during the Coronavirus.

Tips for Creating the Perfect Video Invitation Amidst the Pandemic

Check out the actionable points on creating your perfect event invite:


1. Decide on the Type of Invite

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At the surface, every invitation may appear the same. You have the event details, the location information, and any other highlights. However, video invitations offer the creative freedom and flexibility to make the video “yours.”

You could choose to get in front of the camera and shoot the invitation, or you could create an animated video invite to keep your audiences hooked! Either way, you need to decide on the type of video invitation, depending on your audience’s preferences.


2. Pick the Right Invitation Maker

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If you have some amount of experience in creating and editing videos, then stick to the tool that you have used so far. Since you have hands-on experience of using the platform, you can work within your comfort zone to deliver stunning results.

However, if you are a newbie, you can make use of tools such as InVideo for this task. Remember, using the right invitation maker is very important. InVideo can simplify the video-making process and guide you at every step of the way. 

It is loaded with preset templates along with royalty-free audio and video clips that transforms your video invitation in the way that you want! Such tools carry out much of the legwork for the user, which makes video production quick and painless. So practice wisdom while making this choice.


3. Keep Your Video Invite Simple

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The point of sending a video invite is to add a personal touch to the invitation. However, nobody has the time or patience to listen to your life story or how you thought of the event. So, bypass all the flashbacks and cut right to the chase: the event.

It is a well-established fact that people have run out of patience. They can no longer entertain videos that are minutes long when you can convey the same information in a matter of a few seconds! To make sure that you don’t wander off from the crux of the information, round up all the details and prepare a quick script. Filter out the fluff and stick to the bare basics. 

Cover all the details such as the theme of the party, the venue/location, the dress code, whether guests can bring their kids or a +1, whether they have to bring snacks and beverages, and other crucial details. Leave some conversation for the party!


4. Get Your Whole Theme Together

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Speaking of themes, you can put together a video invitation that reflects the main theme of the party. Creating and sending out an invitation that is a reflection of the party is not a new concept. We have been issuing themed invites ever since theme-based parties became a thing!

All you need to do is bring together an attire that goes with the overall theme, pair it with a script, and get shooting in your preferred location.

For instance, if you are having a Getty Museum Challenge-style party, then you can recreate a famous painting and speak like the characters of the corresponding era (think of accents!). Set up a background for the same and record an Oscar-worthy performance!

A dash of creativity can add oodles of character and personality to your video invitation.


5. Keep Things Light and Cheery

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The Coronavirus has robbed us of some of our best days! Self-isolation, illness, or even losing a loved one may have taken a toll on the individual’s mental wellbeing. The overall state of the affairs of everything around us has been gloomy, to say the least. Naturally, you should make an attempt to lift the receiver’s spirits through your invite!

If you are having a gathering of close friends, you can pitch in a few inside jokes or add a few funny innuendos. Alternatively, if you are having a house party, then you can give the guests a video tour of the “event venue,” while making it fun. You can even end the video invite using your signature move (a statement that you overuse, a running joke, or a character or personality trait).

Putting in some thought and effort in your video invites will go a long way in brightening someone’s day. So make it worth it!


6. Have Fun and Make Unique Creations

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Whether you are using a simple tool to make do or are opting for a full-blown movie maker, the point of making the video in the first place is to spread joy! So rather than stressing about making everything “perfect,” focus your energies on having fun while achieving your targets!

You do not have to capture everything in a one-shot take; you just need to unwind and have fun. In most cases, being your authentic self will induce similar emotions from others and help set the foundation for your party’s success!

Concluding Thoughts

Before you press the send button on your video invite, show it to some close friends or family members to get an honest opinion on the same. Make the necessary changes and then get planning for the celebration!

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