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4 Event Videography Trends to Watch for

Event videography has changed a lot over the last five years and promises to do the same over the next few years and beyond. As technology continues to improve, so too can the events themselves as the footage adds to the fun and creativity of the celebration. Here are four of the biggest videography trends of the year.

1. Save the Date Videos

For weddings, a mailed note to “Save the Date” has been a traditional way to tell guests about the upcoming nuptials so that they do not make other plans for the big day. A different approach than using the postal mail today is a Save the Date video.

The clips provide a great way for the future bride and groom to connect in a livelier way than stationary. It’s no wonder that a growing number of engaged couples are announcing their wedding date using this modern approach.

While some people choose to team up with a professional videographer for the shoot, others choose to do it alone. Watching what others have done by looking at YouTube.

That can help you to decide on a theme, which carries over from the music to the way it is recorded and what you say during it. Above all, show your personalities and make it clear at the end what the anticipated wedding date will be so that your guests mark it in their calendars right away.

Then upload the video to get a shareable link. Using this link, easily send the video via email to your guests or post it on your wedding website.

2. Live Walkthroughs

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Are you planning on selling a property, or do you want to show your party guests exactly what to expect when they arrive at your door? If so, then live walkthroughs are a great videography choice.

Essentially, this project involves taking people through a virtual tour. With the advances in video conferencing software, providing a live walkthrough is easier than ever before.

Real estate virtual tours are becoming more common as they improve on the traditional show-and-tell versions. They also easily enable realtors to show clients every inch of a home or another property.

Just turn on the live button and take the client or friend through the property, creating a desirable experience that makes them want to be with you in person. Some companies even offer the option to schedule a virtual walkthrough.

The videos can also be displayed on websites. For example, car sales professionals are starting to provide video walkthroughs of vehicles using their smartphones. It’s a way to excite customers and encourage them to come in for a test drive.

3. Drones for Events

Another great way to take your event to the next level is to use drones. If it is an outdoor event, fly your drone above everyone to get a bird’s eye view of it all, which is exciting to attendees.

That’s another way to catch the attention of people who want to work with you in the future too. You might also provide a live stream of the event as it’s happening by using a drone that has this capability.

Another idea is to film the setup of the event or show the activities that will be happening there soon. For a festival, for example, fly the drone over the area to reveal the stages, tents, concession booths, and other features that people can expect if they buy tickets to the event. Incorporate this drone footage, along with great photos, into your marketing materials to spread the word about the festival.

Make sure you choose a high-quality drone, though. The Drone X Pro, for instance, has a 12MP camera that supports a 720p resolution, and it is portable and easy to use. Find out more in this comprehensive Drone X Pro Review.

4. Virtual Reality Options

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VR or virtual reality technology is something that you are bound to see more of soon and even more so in the coming years. It provides an innovative way for brands to connect with their customers in a way that they haven’t done before.

For example, there are powerful headsets that people can wear while playing video games that take the experience to a whole other dimension. New platforms and video games are being created that feature VR, which hasn’t been seen before.

Virtual reality is the big trend in gaming and entertainment that has many people excited. VR headsets are being produced now that are lighter than before, as well as having less wiring and better processing, all of which make for a better gaming experience.

People are also streaming VR now. You can do so with Facebook, by using your phone, but in the past, it’s been limited by the low processing power of the device. Now there is 5G technology and also cloud technology, which is overcoming that hurdle and creating a more realistic experience for users.

Conclusions on Even Videography Trends

Videos are fun to create, whether you are part of a company that is advancing your marketing efforts or are looking to try something new for a personal event. It is a way to send your message that doesn’t involve paper and is modern rather than old-school.

Perhaps best of all, videos are truly one of a kind. They are unique and show your brand is genuine if you are using the footage for business use. Showing a human side to your business can help build the trust of your target audience and boost sales.

For those who are using videos for personal use, such as for a Save the Date, it is a creative way to share your great news with the people you care about the most. Why use traditional stationary when there is this new way to make the announcement?

If you are looking to generate a fun vibe for your next event, consider one of the trends above to do so. There is a lot still to come, so look forward to future trends and how the existing ones will change with time.

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