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Get the Most Out of Your Next Convention With These Tools

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority report that 22,103 conventions are held in their city each year with 5,169,054 attendees. That figure only accounts for Las Vegas and doesn’t even touch the thousands of conventions held in cities across the country. With so many conventions, conferences and business events to choose from, it’s essential to have the right technology and tools in place to make the most of it and get your money’s worth. Stay on top of your game and arrive at your next convention ready to conquer the world. Here’s a round-up of tools to help keep you focused:


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Keep an ongoing list of thoughts, quotes and tips gleaned from your convention with Evernote. This all encompassing workspace has a few different packages from free to premium, depending on the level of options you need. Easily take notes, clip a mentioned website and discuss thoughts with other team members in the audience. For more robust options, the premium version offers a presentation mode without the need to create slides, offline access and automatic syncing to all collaborating devices. Evernote essentially creates a workspace for your convention so you can put together all the thoughts and outlines you need for any follow-up meetings, events or blog posts.

Galaxy S 6 Edge

It’s a no-brainer to bring your smartphone as a must-have to a convention. But not all smartphones are created equally. Invest in the Samsung Galaxy S 6 Edge to record and play back vivid streaming video on a 5.1-inch Quad HD display. Its battery keeps you going, even if you forget to plug it in the night before. During a presentation, fact check notes right from your smartphone browser, and add your findings in Evernote to review later. Don’t forget to take photos and add new contacts with notes about who they are and what they do.

Social Media

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Make the most of your convention before you ever leave home. Look up speakers and attendees on LinkedIn or on Facebook fan pages, and send a brief note letting them know you hope to have the chance to chat. During the conference, Twitter is a must-have tool to tweet powerful moments, messages and insights with a hashtag to alert other convention goers you’re in attendance. Using social media before, during and after your event can help you raise your visibility, become part of the conversation and leverage your new contacts.


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Manage the dozens of business cards and contacts you collect at your next convention by instantly digitizing them with FullContact. Once you have your digital rolodex in place, you can save time by instantly pulling up a contact instead of searching through your wallet or briefcase.


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Save money on taxis or a rental car by using Uber instead. Uber regularly offers promotional discounts to conference goers across the U.S., which saves you time and money. Use the app to schedule a ride to another building, to meet a new contact for a drink or to simply take you home at the end of a long day. And the best part is that you can pay right from your smartphone rather than paying for unnecessary ATM fees or carrying a lot of cash.

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