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Advice for Fintech Workers in 2019

To perform well at any job role, you need to learn the tricks of the trade. Everything from skillset to attitude can affect how well you tend to your responsibilities, as well as the quality of work that you produce. In the end, some useful tips are always welcome if it means you can make some sense of a new complicated role.

Consequently, here are some useful titbits of advice to help you adjust to your new role in the world of Fintech!

Motivation and Research

Harnessing the Fintech Revolution

Let’s start with the basics first; make sure that you inform yourself as much as possible. While it can be easy to dupe yourself into thinking that you only need to learn about Fintech, you’ll also, obviously, be working for a business too, that also produces content and products for other companies. Research them all. Don’t get too caught up in the technical side themselves; focus your attention on your company’s aims and objectives more so, and everything else will likely follow. In other words, subscribe to their way of doing things.

What is fintech? from CNBC.

Obviously, just because you’re working at a Fintech company, it doesn’t always mean you need to know all the technical jargon. If the information is overwhelming, consider your position. Are you working in marketing, sales, and customer service? It might be that not everything in the Fintech world is strictly relevant to you, so break your research up into relevant chunks.

That said, Fintech is all about innovation and ideas, so be sure to pitch your own too if that’s the company way. How can things be improved? What processes would you introduce? Additionally, you can listen to the London Fintech Podcast for tips and tricks right out of the horse’s mouth. Other than this, the typical rules for starting a job apply; show up on time, be enthusiastic, friendly and professional. Fintech offices are typically smart-casual, youthfully charged and fun filled environments, so read the room and behave accordingly.

Working Remotely

How Safe Are Your Remote Staff?

This next tip might seem somewhat rash and premature, but it’s a useful one to consider all the same. Unfortunately, politics does have a very heavy bearing on what happens in any industry, and Fintech is no exception. Startup investment in Fintech dropped by a third in 2017 in the aftermath of the 2016 Brexit vote, and if there’s a no deal or bad deal, things stand to get a lot worse. If a third was dropped just by speculation, a grim reality will hit harder.

The Complete Beginner’s Guide To FinTech Everyone Can Understand

Why risk it? Do your research and head to where the Fintech industry is thriving and is getting all the attention it needs. If your career is going to excel, you need to be situated in the place where things are the best and busiest. Anything less and you risk running into a few walls early on in your career, so if you’re keen on that steady career progression, consider casting your net wider. You may get other benefits too; learning new languages, engaging in new cultures, meeting new people, etc. If you feel it’s right, get some extra support and explore new horizons.

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