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7 Ways to Get More Engagement on Your Website

When building an effective website, getting more engagement is the key to success. Read about some helpful tips and how to best implement them.

Is your website lacking engagement? Getting people to the site is one thing, but keeping them there and making them interact is just as tough. So your hard-earned traffic is not being wasted, you need to know how to get people engaged.

There are a number of ways to facilitate this. Below, we tell you 7 ways to create more engagement on your website. 

1. Structure Your Website

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The correct structure for your website should provide better customer experiences as soon as people arrive. This keeps them on the page and channels them to places where you want them to go. If they arrive at a messy webpage that is hard to navigate, they will simply look elsewhere. 

Having a great structure is all about the space you provide. You should not have too many elements close together. Instead, make sure you have lots of space to distinguish where they are and make it easier on the eye. 

Structure the site using the two principles of size and contrast. The eye is drawn to larger items, so you should make sure that important visual aspects like taglines, main headings, and banner images are the largest items on the page. 

After this, you should make sure that contrasting colors are used for items you want to stand out. For example, buy now buttons or CTA responses should be in contrasting color schemes. 

2. Create Quizzes and Polls

Any interactive content you can have on your website is bound to increase engagement. This includes online quizzes, surveys, and polls. 

Surveys and polls work in two ways. Firstly, they entertain your audience. You can also use them for content later, presenting them in blog articles and infographics.

Secondly, they also tell you what your audience is thinking. They are an essential marketing tool. This allows you to do your research while also keeping engagement up at the same time. 

Quizzes work extremely well. Not only do people love to do them, but they also make people stay on your page longer. This means that you will have a decreased bounce rate, positively impacting your SEO score. 

In addition to this, people love to share quizzes and their results. This allows you a great way to open up your audience to even more people and an alternative method of getting social. 

Aim to give all your quizzes an outcome for the person taking part. Titles such as “Which sitcom character are you?” or “Which nineties movie star are you?” are great examples of engaging titles that provide an outcome. Of course, you can tailor them to suit your own products or services. 

3. Suggest What Is Next

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The aim of any online business should be to keep customers on the page. One way of doing this is to provide suggestions and tell the visitor why they should remain on your website. 

In articles, you should place links to other helpful or interesting articles within the body. This can be in the text itself, or as separate headings to break up the body. 

It helps to have one of these roughly about a third of the way through your text. If people have low attention spans, or your article is not the information they need, then they have an option to look at something else still on your page. 

4. Facilitate Social Sharing

One of the most common methods of how to increase website traffic is through social media. However, not all websites facilitate the sharing of social media on their actual websites. 

Make sure all articles have easily viewable, social sharing buttons. These should ideally be at the top and bottom of the article. 

Once your content is shared, make sure you engage with it. If people leave comments or ask questions, then make sure you respond. This keeps the conversation going and keeps the article fresh and relevant. 

5. Mix Up the Content for More Engagement

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It pays to mix up your content, to prevent it from going stale. While this may seem like extra work, it does not have to be a lot. Videos, infographics, charts, and even podcasts can all help you increase engagement. 

You can even use one piece of content presented in various ways. For example, if you have a written article on a topic, you may also convert it to an infographic and present it on a video. This makes one piece of media target three different consumers. 

6. Increase Your Customer Service Options

Even with the most up-to-date, functioning websites, things can go wrong. In addition, people may have questions not answered on the site. When this occurs, you can provide better customer experiences by providing instant assistance. 

This is best done with live chats and chatbot integration. It reduces customer stress, shows you as a service-focused business, and facilitates the steps needed to move towards the customer making a sale. 

7. Integrate Site Search

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Having site search features lets people find what they want, fast. Even if you have an excellent layout, it can often be tough for people to find the content and products they want if they are not immediately visible. This is where site search can help increase conversion rates. 

Site search can also be increased by providing even more features. You may have autocompleted or interactive searches, allowing customers to see extra insights into products, services, or articles that interest them. This will provide a range of alternatives should you not have what they are looking for. 

Interact With Customers

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Essentially, more engagement comes from allowing your customers to interact. Either through social channels or chat, making this easier for them will keep them on the page, where you have more chance of making a sale. 

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