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Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About The Best Apps During Covid-19

Apps link you to places, enlightening you and opening up an ocean of possibilities in the realms of technological advances. You could create a social media app too.

During the Coronavirus Pandemic, we have delved deeper into Apps on our devices, which have given us hope, survival tools and a distraction from the world.

What Have Been The Most Popular App’s During Covid?

Apple releases its ‘Best of 2020’ App Store winners and most downloaded apps of the year

These are the most downloaded Apps during the Covid-19 pandemic in Apple App Store and Google Play:


During the Coronavirus pandemic, Zoom has been a lifeline for many people to connect with their loved ones. Pre-pandemic, zoom was used mainly for video conferencing. In March 2020, there were 2.13 million downloads of this app. 


The app has risen to the top of the pile, with its fair share of the Social Media world. In July 2020, WhatsApp rose to the top of the most popular mobile messaging apps with a massive 2 billion downloads.


Facebook, however, is the number one most downloaded app in the whole of the world. It has proven to be a vital survival tool for many, linking people and countries in a shared context of togetherness. 


As many have faced restrictions, keeping them homebound, YouTube has become a staple to help fill the void of loneliness and connect with the outside world. It has also been a channel to convey important messages and get information out into the wider world instantly in one click. 


TikTok was one of the most downloaded apps with 2 billion downloads globally, with a majority of the downloads being made by Generation Z. The intelligent algorithms of Tik Tok make it an easy option for getting rapid information to a younger demographic. 


Another wheel in the Facebook family is Messenger, which saw on average 2 million downloads every month in 2020, and this figure rises daily. It has found more significant popularity in some countries more than others.


This is another key to the success of Facebook. This app’s draw is that it’s an easy way of sharing video or photos and is primarily loved by the Millenials and Gen Z. There are evolving expansions as this app’s capabilities widen, including Reels, a direct competitor of TikTok. 

Google Meet

Google Meet has seen a sharp uptake during the Covid-19 pandemic when it hit 50 million downloads due to millions staying at home during restrictions and lockdowns. It is also a great alternative to Zoom, and many in the education sector have used this to maximum effect as a means to teach online. 

Google Classroom

Google Classrooms has surpassed 50 million downloads, predominantly by schools to educate students and teachers taking lessons online. Its outstanding functionality has ensured learning has been seamless, allowing education to continue for millions of students daily.

Microsoft Teams 

Inline with Zoom, Google Meet and Google Classrooms, Microsoft Teams has been a great connector, especially on the global work front, ensuring productivity and connection for many.

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