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5 Ways To Choose The Right Software For Your Business

Choosing the right software for your business can help it to run more efficiently by making processes faster and more organised.

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But how do you go about choosing the right business software when there are seemingly thousands of programmes out there? Here are just a few tips for choosing software that could help you to make the right decision.

Talk to a business IT consultant

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There are several IT consultancy companies out there that specialise in working with businesses. These companies could help to recommend the best software for your needs based on the size and goals of your business.

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Of course, you should be careful when taking on some IT consultants as they may be paid commission by certain software companies in order to recommend their programmes. Find an independent that you trust will give unbiased advice so that you’re not being ripped off.

Read reviews and comparison guides

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Reviews are great for identifying the strengths and weaknesses of various software on the market. This could include professional reviews for giving you an in-depth outlook and user reviews from fellow business owners for a more practical analysis. There are also comparison guides out there that compare multiple programmes under a certain budget such as Tech Radar guide to free accounting software. This could allow you to more easily identify the pros and cons of each programme.

Watch Youtube walkthroughs/reviews

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Youtube has many walkthroughs and reviews that can help you to see how a programme looks on the screen. These might give you a more accurate idea of how user-friendly it is than a standard review. Some companies will post promotional walk-throughs up on Youtube such as this Asana walk-through – these can be more biased but useful if there are no other videos available. Reviews are more likely to pick the programme apart, but are fewer and further between.

Attend software demos

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Some companies will host software demos in which you can visit a conference and be guided through the software by a member of the software company. You can often sign up to these on a software company’s sites such as this Symfact website.

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These demos are usually very promotional, however you often get the chance to ask questions, which can help you understand a piece of software more thoroughly. These events may even be hands-on, allowing you to test out the software yourself.

Download free trials

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Free trials of software allow you to test out the programme yourself to really get a sense if it’s right for you. Some free trials only offer access to limited parts of the programme, which might not give you the whole picture, but it could still be enough to get a feel for the basic interface. You can also let any employees you have try these free trials – this could be beneficial if it’s mostly your employees who will be using the programme.

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