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Top Websites That You Will Need to Create A Resumé

The primary task of a resumé is to convey your value as a potential hire to the employer, allowing them to consider you to be a worthwhile addition to their establishment. However, while you need to implement some best practices during the drafting of this document, some tools and websites exist that can make the process less tedious.

This article aims to present the top websites and tools on the internet that will help you produce an acceptable resumé, raising your chances of getting an interview.

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Ease The Stress With A Resumé Builder

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Before presenting you with the top websites essential for creating a resumé, it’s worth echoing that creating this document is tricky and mentally tasking. If you desire to ease the stress associated with the ordeal, it’s best to opt for an online resumé builder like Resumé Builder Pro.

This website presents the essential tools for when you’re composing a resumé, especially for the first time. Subscription to this platform comes with a guide and several customizable templates. Note that Resumé Builder Pro consists of over 4000 templates to choose from, and the liberty to customize them eases the work needed for effective resumé writing.

In the end, opting to use Resumé Builder Pro will help you complete your resumé in a matter of minutes as the format, structure, and sections are already available, leaving you to input the factors that make you a worthy hire for your employer’s business.

 Visit Resumé Builder Pro and begin putting together a resumé.

1. Grammarly

Proofreading is an essential part of making a resumé as poor grammar and spelling will irritate employers, reducing your chances of getting the position. Fortunately, Grammarly primarily helps you analyze your written content, identify spelling and grammatical errors, then guide you in rectifying the flaws.

Essentially, this online tool can highlight redundant words, passive language, overly complex or winding sentences, etc., and show you how to remove the errors. The efficacy of this tool is known throughout the publishing industry and is often the go-to software for content writers and editors.

It’s worth noting that Grammarly comes with both a free and premium version. If your grammar is excellent enough, the free option is sufficient to proofread your resumé; however, if you aren’t confident in your writing ability, the premium version may be a better option.

2. Readable

While your grammar and spelling may be flawless, employers can still discard your resumé due to wordy and unrelatable sentences. In other words, you can write according to the rules of grammar but fail to communicate effectively.

Fortunately, Readable rectified this problem by monitoring the text in your resumé, checking the keyword density, assessing the sentiment and tone of your sentences, scouting for clichés, and many more.

Essentially, it assists you in keeping the employer focused on your resumé and not irritating them upon reading the first few sentences of the document. Also, Readable considers the average length of sentences, average word complexity, the familiarity of words, syllable count, and more. It’s a valuable tool.

Bonus: Readable ranks your document in grades; therefore, aim for a readability score of Grade 8 or better as it ensures 85% of people can read your resumé.

3. Google Docs

Composing your resumé is the hardest part of the task, and this ordeal requires you to use a dedicated word processor. Google Docs is a reliable option, often considered the best writing tool by content creators. It comes with a user-friendly interface, allowing you to begin constricting with little to no need for a tutorial on the software.

One feature that makes Google Docs unique is the ability to write your documents directly on the cloud, making it easy to access from any device (phone, laptop, or tablet) and preventing loss of files due to an instant power outage.

Besides mere writing, Google Docs comes with a variety of templates for resumés, reports, and many more, making it a tool you can use besides constructing your CV. This word processor also contains a mild built-in grammar checker, which assists you with spelling problems and sentence formation.


Being perceived as a professional also depends on how you speak or write, and in this case, it would do you a more excellent service to convey yourself with the correct words. However, you may not possess a vast vocabulary to call upon, and fortunately, can assist you in this category. is currently the world’s most extensive online thesaurus, powered, bringing the correct synonyms and antonyms to millions of people globally for over 20 years. It may be your best option for finding the precise word to make your sentence more powerful and straightforward.

Remember not to use words you do not understand, merely to sound professional, as such an error will significantly drop your chances of getting an interview. For this reason, it’s best to pair with this website, ensuring you use the correct words appropriately.

5. Rainy Mood

Your resumé requires an accurate recollection of your achievements, awards, skills, and other things that make you a worthwhile inclusion in the employer’s establishment. However, piecing these factors together may be tedious if you are subjected to unwanted audio stimuli.

For this reason, it’s best to use Rainy Mood to achieve total concentration as it provides relaxing background noise for writing and studying. The sounds combine rainstorms, gentle thunder sounds, and various music mixes, producing soothing audio to keep you thoroughly engrossed in crafting your resumé.

This tool is based on the fact that background nature sounds are ideal for improving one’s mood and productivity, making it an excellent tool for writing whenever you need peace.


Ultimately, composing a powerful resumé requires a variety of factors, including a good understanding of the English language and some resumé best practices. However, the websites and tools listed above are worth considering to maximize your chances and eliminate errors that might cost you the opportunity.

Additionally, if the task of building a resumé from scratch appears too complicated and time-consuming, consider using Resumé Builder Pro as it comes with the necessary features to make the ordeal easier.

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