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Xbox One and PS4 to Introduce 4k Enabled Models this year

The technology world is extremely trend-focused, and every year a select number of buzzwords dominate various aspects of the market. One of the most prominent examples in 2015 is the trend for 4k technology, which refers to displays with horizontal resolutions on the order 4,000 pixels.

These displays typically exist in the fields of digital television and digital cinematography, although the technology may eventually be present in smartphones and alternative media.

Will Sony and Microsoft Enable their Gaming Consoles’ with 4K Capabilities?

Netflix predicts that the next PS4 and Xbox One models will support 4K

The popularity and prominence of 4K technology is also encouraging certain brands to adapt their associated hardware to ensure that it is compatible. Netflix has recently reported that major brands

Microsoft and Sony are considering enabling their Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles with 4k displays, for example, and although this has yet to be confirmed it certainly fits in well with the trends showcased at the recent CES event. Sony has certainly promised 4K support in recent times, with the only question remaining whether or not they deliver this in the next twelve months or beyond.

If this is the case, Microsoft will certainly be required to follow suit and modify its own consoles in response. The rumours have been further fuelled by the fact that both consoles are due a traditional two year make-over at some point this year, meaning that the brands involved may well take this opportunity to equip their hardware with 4K capabilities. To achieve this, they would simply need to add decoding chips and HDCP 2.2 chipsets, in addition to an HDMI 2.0 port to handle 4K at 60 frames per second.

In Summary

The lack of confirmation from either Sony or Microsoft is probably more revealing than it first appears, as both brands are reluctant to show their hands or a clearly defined time frame for enabling 4K capabilities.

They are certain to follow this trend at some point in the future, however, as this may be crucial in the bid to compete with mobile gaming and the popularity of the typical free to play. The fact that these titles can be accessed through 4K televisions and displays affords them a keen advantage, so the sooner console manufacturers can overcome this the better.

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