The Ultimate Guide to Your Medical Education

Summer has started, the school year is over, and for school graduates, the tough time of selecting institutions for further studies has come. Where to go to study for obtaining a credible diploma and shining career prospects? This guide is specifically designed for those seeking medical school admission – we have prepared a concise review of most popular medical schools in the neighborhood that you may consider.

Medical Schools of Pennsylvania

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Those who don’t want to leave their home state for education may consider some prestigious medical schools hosted in Pennsylvania. These are the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, and the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM). Studying in both of them is a great life chance: the Perelman School is one of the world-leading educational and research institutions providing professional training in over 70 ACGME-accredited medical specialties, while LECOM offers a great range of medical training types such as Pharmacy, Dental Medicine, post-baccalaureate and Master’s degrees, and much more.

Other medical education options nearby include:

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  • The Drexel University College of Medicine (offering MD degrees, MPH programs, MBA, MS in Healthcare Ethics, and giving access to 25 affiliated medical facilities for student rotation)
  • The Temple University (offering a variety of MD degrees including PhD, MA in Urban Bioethics, MPH, and MBA)
  • The Commonwealth Medical College (educating Masters in Health Administration)
  • The Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia (a great medical school with numerous MD, PhD, and MBA degree programs in many medical areas)
  • The University of Pittsburgh (a nationally top-ranked educational facility in Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Geriatrics, Pediatrics, and Women’s Health medical specialties)

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Any of these medical facilities can open their doors for students from Pennsylvania and other states; if you are a local, you even possess a financial benefit of enrolling to some of these institutions because they offer tuition fee discounts for in-state students.

Medical Education Champions

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Do your ambitions stretch far beyond education in Pennsylvania? If you have enough financial capacity to pay for premium medical facilities and wish to relocate for studies, you are welcome to choose among the US top medical schools:

  1. The Harvard University. There is hardly anyone in the world who has never heard about Harvard. A globally famous university hosting over 30,000 students and over 5,00 talented educators is exceptionally highly ranked in research and education quality. Being the #1 in the USA, it is also included in the top 3 universities’ global shortlist. Education here is prestigious and getting a chance to study at Harvard may be a lifetime opportunity.
  2. The Stanford University. Stanford is ranked the second across the USA and also occupies an honorable fifth position among the world’s best educational institutions. Founded in 1900, it has graduated many geniuses of the 20th and 21st century including Elon Musk, John Kennedy, and Larry Page, among others. Hence, becoming its student, you are securing your cloudless future as a medical specialist.
  3. The John Hopkins University. The third-best school in the USA and the 17st best higher educational establishment in the world, the John Hopkins University is certain to provide medical education of superior quality. Enrolling to it is also a tough challenge, but if you handle it, your successful career and glossy job opportunities are already next door.

The Tough Choice

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Selecting where to study is obviously the matter of your personal choice; this may be either a safe decision to pay less and stay not far from your home, or a daring step to leave everything and everyone behind and set off for new achievements in top-class universities. Every decision is wise if it is made in accordance with your individual life circumstances; however, if you still choose to climb the career heights by applying to top universities mentioned above, make sure your grades are exceptional and have something to offer. Top universities do not accept regular students; to become a member of their academic families, you should already have an impressive list of achievements and an outstanding portfolio of academic, research, and volunteering work. Prepare for further education long in advance; follow your dream, and don’t forget that studying well is possible in any school, the main thing is to be perseverant and tedious enough.

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