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Top 5 Women Soccer Leagues in the World

With over 20 million women registered as soccer players worldwide, women’s football games are beginning to gain more traction. So much so, there are many women’s soccer leagues spread across all the continent, and many more continue to spring out year after year.

Women’s football has been in existence since the 1970s, but it did not start growing rapidly up until the early 2000s. It is regarded as one of the fastest-growing sports globally and even has up to 32 teams that play in the women’s soccer world cup. Now is the best time for people who love to bet on sports games to take advantage of this sport because it’s highly attractive for beginners and expert bettors. 

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There are many women’s football matches to watch and stake on, from the women soccer world cup schedule, you will find interesting fixtures with great odds, but while we wait for that, here are the top 5 women’s soccer leagues we think you should keep up with.

  • UEFA Women’s Champion League

The UEFA women’s champion league is a European football league and is one of the oldest leagues for women. It was established in 2001 and currently has up to 72 teams playing for the champion’s cup. It was formerly called the UEFA women’s cup and renamed in 2009. The competition has gone through various stages of reformation until it reached its current height. Some popular brands, including Visa, Adidas, and Hublot, sponsor this league even though UEFA only allows a few sponsors.  You can watch the games live on the DAZN UEFA women’s championship league YouTube channel and beIN sports. The current champion is the FC Barcelona, securing its first win in 2021. The most successful club in the league is Olympique Lyon – they have managed to win the title 7 times in 20 years. They also won the title 5 consecutive times from 2016 to 2020. 

  • FA Women’s Super League

This league is also known as the Barclays FA Women’s super league due to sponsorship reasons, and it is the highest-ranked women’s league in England. It was created in 2010, when it had just eight teams competing, but it has grown over the past few years and now has up to 12 professional teams competing for the title in 2021. The teams in these leagues include Arsenal, Aston Villa, Birmingham City, Brighton and Hove Albion, Chelsea, Everton, Leicester City, Manchester United, Reading, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City, and West Ham United. Chelsea is the current champion of the league and holds the highest championship titles with four wins since inception. Arsenal closely follows with a total of 3 wins.

  • National Women’s Soccer League

This is one of the newer women’s soccer sports leagues. It has been in existence for less than ten years. It was established in 2012, and it came after the women’s professional soccer league folded after barely lasting four years in existence. This league has managed to stay strong and is currently at the top of the United States league systems. The National Women’s soccer league is owned by the 12 teams that play in the league. This league is different because it gives out two titles at the end of every season. The champion is the league’s winner, and the NWSL shield for the team with the best record at the end of a season. The North Carolina Courage team has had the highest number of shields since inception, with three wins. The current champion is the Washington Spirit, and the shield is held by Portland Thorns FC.

  • Frauen-Bundesliga

This directly translates to women’s federal league and is currently known as the FLYERALARM Frauen-Bundesliga due to sponsorship reasons. This is the highest league for women’s football in Germany. In 1990, the league was created as a counterpart for the popular men’s Bundesliga. This league consists of 12 teams which are mostly the female versions of the male teams in the Bundesliga. The three teams at the top of this league automatically qualify for the women’s UEFA Champions’ league. The games can be watched live in most parts of the world, including Austria, Central America, Germany, and Switzerland.

 FFC Frankfurt holds the highest number of titles in the Frauen-Bundesliga. They have won the championship seven times since inception. The current title holder is the Bayern-Munich women’s team, who have held the title two times before now.

  • Division 1 Féminine

This league’s name has been shortened to 1 Féminine or D1F, but it is also known as D1 Arkema due to sponsorship reasons. This is the women’s league with the most nicknames. It is played by 12 teams and is the top league of women’s football in France. The French Football Federation has been running it to date. The league is very old, perhaps the oldest women league in the world. It was founded in 1974 and has played different formats since then. It is not just the best in France but also has been ranked as the best league in Europe. The D1 has not had so many winners since its inception. 5 of the 12 teams that play in the league have never won the championship once. Olympique Lyon stands shoulder and above the rest of the teams as they have won the title 14 times consecutively since 2007.

Final Notes

One can decide to watch and bet on women’s soccer games through any leagues listed above, and fans in the US can decide to do so during the United States world cup campaign – the next women’s world cup is slated for the year 2023.

To answer the recurring question of “what channel is women’s world cup on?” The English version of the matches in the world cup will be aired on Fox, and the Spanish language broadcast can be found on Telemundo Deportes. Also, much credible information relating to women soccer can be easily found on Aust sports news channels every now and then.

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