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The Most Popular Sports in the Most Common Countries Where People Move To

the most popular sports

Are you moving to a new country and don’t know what to do to meet new friends? One of the quickest and easiest ways to make new friends is to pick a local sport and make it yours!

But what are the most popular sports in the most common countries where people move to? Let’s find out together!


The most popular sports in Australia are cricket, soccer, and rugby union.

Great successes, stories, and moments mark Australia’s sporting history. Events such as the Ashes, Melbourne Cup, and America’s Cup have helped shape Australia’s national identity and its successes in the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, and Commonwealth Games.


China has long been closely associated with martial arts. However, its size and diversity mean that China is a strong supporter of several other sports, as its success at the Olympics attests. Basketball, soccer, table tennis, and volleyball are frequently watched and practiced.


the most prestigious cycling race

Besides soccer, which is undoubtedly the most popular sport in the European continent, in France, rugby, motorsports, and cycling (with the https://www.letour.fr/en/ being the most prestigious cycling race) are top-rated sports.


Also, in Germany, the most popular sport remains soccer. 

Other popular sports in the country include ice hockey, tennis, basketball, handball, and motorsports.

Germany is one of the most successful sports nations. In fact, it ranks third in the total number of Olympic medals. You can read more about the most popular German sports here https://www.movingto-germany.com/top-10-sports-in-germany/.


Cricket is the most popular sport in India, while soccer, field hockey, badminton, and tennis vary in popularity depending on the area. 

The only sport played in India played in the country is Kabaddi, a contact team sport.


Popular sports in Japan include both traditional Asian competitions and newer Western innovations. Sumo, judo, karate, and kendo are typical Japanese, but baseball and soccer have also recently become very popular.

Of course, practicing sumo or karate can take some time (and significant effort) for someone not from Japan, so it is perhaps a little easier to enter Japanese culture through baseball or soccer.

The Netherlands

What is the national sport of the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is a country of enormous sporting potential.

Soccer is the most popular, with field hockey, volleyball, tennis, gymnastics, and golf also enjoying great success. For something more local, however, you could try fierljeppen, which is like pole vaulting over a river, klootschieten very similar to shot put, or even korfball, which would be something similar to basketball and netball. 


The Swedish population plays a lot of sports, whatever they are.

The most popular include handball, soccer, golf, athletics, and gymnastics, while ice hockey, basketball, and tennis are also common.

Kayaking, canoeing, deep-sea diving, hiking, hot air ballooning, fishing, and hunting are super popular in Sweden partly because of the country’s landscapes. 

Maybe some of them may seem a little extreme to you, but by playing sports like these, you might be able to make new friends!


Thailand’s sports of choice are a mix of more local, traditional events and popular Western games that have recently taken place. These two stories are most evident in Muay Thai, a combat sport similar to boxing and soccer.

Thailand is the gold capital of Asia, with more than 200 world-class golf courses across the country, attracting golfers from around the world to PGA and LPGA tournaments.

No one would ever expect even the most popular sports in Europe to be so common in a Southeast Asian country.

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United Kingdom

What is the national sport of the UK

The UK has spawned a wide variety of sports, all different from golf, soccer, rugby, tennis, cricket, badminton, and many more, while variations of some of its sports have found great success elsewhere. There are many options for sports that you could choose from, and no doubt you will find opportunities to play even the lesser-known or popular sports of your choice.

Britain boasts a great sporting tradition, and its recent successes in the Olympics are emblematic of that. However, if you are looking for something easy to understand and play, soccer is your best bet here. There are clubs and practice fields to be found throughout the islands, and it is undoubtedly the most popular sport there, with millions tuning in to watch Premier League matches every week.

United States

The United States is experiencing a slow revolution from a sports perspective. The country’s most popular sports, American soccer, basketball, and baseball, while still very popular, are being joined by field hockey and soccer, gaining popularity among young people.

Like China and the UK, the US enjoys great success in various sports, and, whatever interests you most, you will be able to find a community that shares your interest.


Starting to play a sport to meet new people and maybe find some great new friends is probably the best option you have when moving abroad.

Moreover, sports will not only be good for your social life but also and especially for your physical and mental health.

Choose the sport that suits you best, and go for it!

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