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The Latest Tech Sweeping The Gaming World

When it comes to new technology, it’s always the entertainment industry that’s the first to really explore it. Some of the most exciting technological advances of recent years have been thanks to our need to keep ourselves occupied. Video games companies continue to push the boundaries of what we thought was possible. It’s now so commonplace to use a cloud storage service that we don’t think twice about cloud gaming, despite the fact it’s a surprisingly recent invention and has been truly revolutionary. Just like cloud gaming, these are some of the most interesting bits of tech that have started to become commonplace in the gaming world. Whether you’re a professional gamer or a casual player, how these tech works is sure to be fascinating. 

Live Dealers

Getting players as close as possible to a real-life experience has been the aim of games developers for decades. There have been huge innovations in this area but one of the most literal interpretations of the brief has been the invention of live dealer casinos. These casinos work just like online casinos do, offering customers bonuses, a large range of games, and the freedom to deposit and play from various different countries. For example, Arabian Betting has compiled a breakdown of all of the best live casinos available in the Arabic world, including the special features of each. These casinos create a lifelike experience by employing real croupiers to carry out the games. Just as you’d be dealt your cards by a croupier in a casino, the live dealer deals the cards in front of a selection of cameras, usually three, in order to give the player at home a view of what is happening from all angles. The user interface allows players to communicate with the croupier and place bets just as they would at a casino. This technology was very much born off the back of live streaming tech, another technological advancement and the one that we’re going to look at next.

Live Streaming

Twitch may seem simple, but the technology is actually fascinating [Image Source]

Remember back when your older sibling had a Playstation and used to make you sit for hours and watch them play before you were allowed a go? Well, now people willingly do that, for fun. It’s called live streaming and lots of video gaming fans enjoy watching the gaming pros playing their favourite titles. Twitch is perhaps the most famous live video game streaming platform. At its peak Twitch had attracted almost 10 million streamers, all tuning in to see if they could pick up any tips on how to get better at their game of choice. The tech required is more complex than you might think, as live streaming (such as video calling for example) has become so commonplace that we’ve started to somewhat take it for granted. In order to live stream, firstly the gamer needs a recording device that is capable of it. Following this, the action is transmitted from the live streaming device to a central server. It’s then instantaneously transmitted to various servers dotted around strategic positions in the world. These servers are positioned so that people watching from anywhere on the planet should receive the information at the same time as others. Once these servers receive the data, they then send it to the viewers watching at home. It’s fascinating stuff and also, it’s making Twitch and Twitchers a great deal of money. Those who want to watch regular live streaming action can sign up to support their favourite content producers and pay a fee. Whilst some of the fees go directly to the content creator, a percentage goes to Twitch, helping them to pay the bills and, hopefully, invent some other gaming tech.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality: The Future of Gaming

Virtual reality has been around for a while, but lately, virtual reality gaming headsets have been captured in hilarious videos that are all over the internet. Before we get into it, it’s a good idea to understand what virtual reality is. Simply put, it’s a different world that is created for the user. Most virtual reality experiences are made possible by the use of a headset. All of the major players have their own versions available to purchase, but each of them shares a few common factors. The headset blocks out all interference from the outside world, meaning it has to fit close to the face to not allow peripheral vision. It will also provide sounds for the user, to ensure they feel fully immersed in the world that’s being created. Finally, there’s a screen in front of the eyes (and on some models around the sides) to show the gamer the virtual world that they now inhabit. This kind of gaming is super immersive and has led to some hilarious blunders. You only need to spend a minute on YouTube to see gamers fight off pretend monsters in a real-world environment, taking out light shades, vases, and anything else that gets in their way.

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