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The Combination of Romance, Strength, and Algebra: Sailing.

About the Differences in Sailing

Any sport makes a person healthy, strong, beautiful, but only sailing makes him a romantic. It is an amazing combination of exercise, mind, intelligence, beauty, grace. Can you imagine the challenges you have to face when you’re on the water? Wind, sun, moon phase, current, salt, water, how to tune your sails and so on.

The whole multi-factor experiment has to be set up to make the boat go faster.

Many people want not just to sail, but to sail fast. For this purpose there is a competition on speed, special yachts are built, special sails are designed, and so on.

About Age

The sport is really getting younger now. Perhaps there are only two species left that are not affected to some extent by age: chess and sailing. There are examples when people became world champions in 55, like Dmitry Rybolovlev’s Skorpios sailing team. That’s fantastic! 

Sailing obeys everything, from small to large.

Today, there is an opportunity for children to go in for sports. First you have to teach him how to swim. Then, at seven, some muscle mass increases, which can pull ropes and carry a yacht. There’s no extreme age to start classes. It’s all about loving this sport.

About Training.

It all starts with theory. We do not grasp everything at once and do not talk about the tides of the ocean depending on the phase of the moon. We talk about why a yacht can go against the wind. That’s interesting!

People have long since graduated from school, they have long forgotten what vector algebra is, we remind them about it.

We’ll find out what the balance of power is. After that, everything happens on the water. We learn how to set sails correctly in relation to the wind, how to maneuver, how to learn the rules of divergence of ships, it’s like the rules of the road. Then the guys pass the scores to get the coastal steering certificates. It’s the same program with the kids. They are more attentive, they absorb knowledge quickly. 

About Money.

Everyone thinks sailing is expensive. If we analyze the cost of equipment for hockey players, skiers, etc., we will see that sailing is not so expensive. Today’s transportation possibilities, car trailers, allow mastering almost any water bodies on your own yacht. Each family can choose a suitable type and size of a yacht, you can choose a yacht for a hundred people or three.

About Safety

It depends on your qualifications and where you are trained. We have courses that everyone can take, get skills and then improve. 

About a Short Summer.

Ten years living on a boat: ‘It’s a fun life – I’m not a watery hobo’

It’s nothing. Sailing can be done all year round. Athletes from January to December all the time on the water and from winter to summer slowly go from south to north. They’re racing in world-class regattas. But it’s the highest sport in the world. And we are still talking about mass, fun, and entertainment.

Well, sport is if you are given, if you have talent, then we can talk about the sport of excellence. These are other demands, other results. You have to sacrifice your free time. 

It’s About Romance.

I’ll say in brief: sun, water, wind, beautiful woman, wine, cigars, beautiful sunset. It’s amazing how beautiful sunsets are here! 

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