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3 Tips to Improve the SEO of PDF Files

If you’ve heard that PDF files can’t be crawled, listed or rank well on search engines you should know that simply isn’t true. It is a common misconception, but the


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Recover Lost Data (Even When Your Device Stops Working) With ‘EaseUS Free’ Data Recovery Software

Computers are definitely a great solution for simplifying our lives in many senses starting for the fact that we can file tons of information, documents, paperwork, etc in a single



Everything you needed to know about the Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry issue

Plenty of people have noticed the Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry in their Windows Task Manager but have no idea what it is. Many users even try to remove it since it


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SSD or HDD: Which is Better for Your Specific Needs?

While there are merits to both the Solid State Drives(SSD) and Hard Disk Drives(HDD), deciding on the one that best suits your needs can be pretty tough. Each of the


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From Street Crime To Cyber Fighting: How to Protect Yourself

There are now few people who don’t keep their lives on a device of some sort. From friendships to banking and everything between; we are the technological generation. While once,


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How I Recovered Deleted Files from Recycle Bin

Well, my wife and I had a beautiful baby two years ago with big eyes and lovely smiles all the time. He’s the little sunshine in our family, bringing us


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Convert MBR to GPT without Data Loss

Are you looking for a solution to convert mbr to gpt without data loss? Would a free disk management software that is hugely popular with more than 30 million users


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Is It Really Gone? Why You Need To Securely Delete For Data Elimination On Mac

As for me, I am a bit paranoid, but still I think you will find my advice quite reasonable and extremely useful because there are a lot of issues today