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Samsung’s SUHD 4k TV Review

Samsung’s breaking out the big guns this year and it has finally landed in a Best Buy near you – the premium Samsung SUHD line comprises three series with nine screen sizes ranging from 48-inches all the way up to 88-inches. Just when you were getting comfortable with 720p, 1080p, then UHD, now new acronyms come flooding at you – ready to tackle them and explore the latest from Samsung? In this post we explain where the terminology is coming from and share our experience with this TV.

What is SUHD?


When we talk about these terms we are simply referring to the resolution of the screen (be it a TV or a computer screen). The latest craze in resolution is Ultra High Definition or Ultra HD (4k). The UHD Televisions display at least 8 million active pixels, with a lower resolution boundary of at least 3,840 by 2,160. So what does the “S” stand for? You could say the ‘S’ stands for “Super Premium.” – making the SUHD a very high quality UHD TV. So if you are looking for the latest and greatest that 4k has to offer then stick around!

First Impressions with Samsung’s SUHD TV

The SUHD TVs Samsung are producing are stunning to say the least (maybe that is what the “S” stands for!) but don’t take our word for it, see it for yourself at your local Best Buy (go when they are showing Jurassic World in Samsung Entertainment Experience Shops inside Best Buy! See an exclusive sneak peek from 5/31-6/13)! The colors are amazing, you get more colors and a brighter picture with Samsung 4K SUHD TV – all powered by a revolutionary panel featuring Nano-crystal technology. The immersive curved screen portrays a greater sense of depth. Easily access the content you love with this advanced Samsung Smart TV. You can get all the details here, but we want to point out just a few of the things that we noticed:

  • THE COLORS!, more true-to-life picture with a wider range of colors
  • The details are unlike anything we have seen previously, when viewing 4k content
  • Improved black levels and contrast for a greater sense of depth
  • 4 times the resolution of full HD
  • Smart View 2.0 let’s you watch your TV on your mobile device (SO COOL)
  • Much faster speed with the Octa-Core Processor

If you are looking to upgrade your home entertainment experience and are on the market for a new TV – then definitely check out the Samsung SUHD. Now is the best time to buy because right now you can Save up to $1500 on Samsung SUHD TVs at Best Buy stores May 31st – June 13th. So if you want the latest and greatest it doesn’t get any better than the SUHD at this price! You will be thanking us when you are so deep in the blacks of your favorite space movie – Interstellar anyone? So go experience it!

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