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Python Developers for Remote Teams: NCube’s Expertise

Python is a primary choice for implementing web frameworks and applications, data science projects, prototyping, and graphic design applications. Our Python developers for remote teams use this language to build software that impacts the lives of thousands of people.

4D Healthware

Technology startup in the field of HealthTech and IoT based in Chicago, IL.

The project that allows people with chronic diseases to constantly stay in control of their health through robust technology available via mobile devices, wearable sensors and health data. Basically, patients link their devices to software which analyzes the data and if necessary, alerts medical professionals. Together with 4D Healthware programmers, NCube’s engineers successfully work on improvement of the platform’s frontend performance.

Nutrition Factors

Technology-driven company in the field of Healthcare based in Layton, UT.

A world-class, online-full service nutrition and wellness platform. Its friendly interface offers easy-to-use interactive weight loss tools, nutrition education with expert advice to individuals, health coaches and corporations. Nutrition Factors partners with various health coaches from different healthcare professions to offer one-on-one health coaching. NCube has provided a team of talented Python/Django experts.


Software development company based in Atlanta, GA,

The core product is a sales and marketing automation platform. Salesfusion is on a mission to help marketers attract new opportunities, convert them into customers and nurture them into lifetime relationships. We have built a team consisting of Python/Django, QA, .NET, DevOps talents.

Reasons why our remote teams of software developers choose Python

Software quality

For many developers the main advantage is Python’s readable syntax, something not many languages possess. Python code is simple to read, which means that its repeated usage and maintenance becomes much easier than with scripting languages. Python contains the most advanced mechanisms for reusing software code, thus implementing one of the core OOP principles.

Extensive library

Python comes with a large number of assembled and portable functionalities, known as a standard library. The library provides you with a wide range of features required for application programs – from text search by patterns to network functions. Python allows extensions from your own libraries as well as from the libraries created by other developers.

Program portability

Most Python programs run unchanged on all major platforms. Transferring software code from Linux to Windows only implies copying program files from one machine to another. Python also presents lots of possibilities for creating portable graphical interfaces.

Development speed

Compared to compiling or strongly typed languages such as C, C ++, Java, Python greatly increases developer productivity. The amount of Python code is usually one-third, or even one-fifth of the equivalent C ++ or Java code, which means less keyboard input, less time spent on layouts and less effort to maintain. In addition, Python programs are launched immediately, bypassing the lengthy compilation and linking steps required in some other programming languages, which further increases the programmer’s productivity.

NCube implements software solutions with Python

Python development teams

Our team of technology experts relies on Python for building the following solutions:

  • Backend of web applications
  • Database-driven applications
  • Data and visualization
  • Machine learning
  • Test automation
  • DevOps

Python’s main frameworks like Django, Flask, and Tornado are also within the scope of our expertise.

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