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10 Best Website Designs You Can Copy Today

What do a hairdresser’s salon, movie theatre, apparel shop, and university have in common? Can you try and guess? What unifies almost all establishments, facilities, businesses of any kind? That’s right, they all have a website. In the modern era of digital technologies, you have to have a nice website in order to be competitive. Moreover, you actually need to have a very nice website, the one that will be easy to use and navigate; it should suit your purpose well, and look pretty and up-to-date.

In the following article, we will get acquainted with some exciting webdesign, figure out the best ways to create a website and find useful design tools. So let’s start with the investigation of the best website designs you can take into account while putting together the one of your own.


It’s a known fact that you have to be creative and inventive in order to build a rival product. It is important to push the boundaries and find unusual ways to represent the visual feature of the website. For instance, Feed, a platform for a secure data exchange has created a truly unique webdesign that balances between the visual excellence and interactive aspect. It has truly majestic images of abstract space-like structures that instantly catch your eye.

Inside Abbey Road

We all like to use a good old Google Earth to walk the streets of different cities and travel everywhere within seconds. Keeping that in mind famous recording studio created what might be the best website design ever! You can virtually walk the studios with a guide, stumbling across amusing historical info. The beautiful musical accompaniment is included.


If you think that to design a website you need to have a big sum of money, you are wrong. This video blog platform sponsored by means of crowdsourcing, so the content gets published by independent sources. Good stylistics and smart managing is always a win.

Tej Chauhan

Don’t stop at just listing the items you sell on the website. Make them into art! That’s exactly what this souvenir company did, and the blend of highly aesthetical photography and minimalistic layout make this particular design into a top one. However, if you are prompt to write complex research or thesis on a specific topic see this custom dissertation writing service and they will do all the work for you.


Another popular trend in the world of webdesign is minimalism. Check out this fashion house’s website. Black and white colors and just a few words with the main page separated into simple men and women. Approachable, clean, and effective design

Pin-Up Magazine

On the contrary to the previous trend, there is an opposite tendency – absolute maximalism. The more – the merrier. Just put everything at once on one page let it scream at the viewer from the screen. Most suitable for the art-related websites, the one for Pin-Up Magazine is a good example of this bold, risqué design.

LA Homelessness Challenge

This website is a great example of how to design a website for a social cause with creativity. This initiative to help homeless people in LA has a website worth a museum of modern art. Great visual features and important content.

The five seasons by Alessi

Surreal experience is possible not only on the canvases of Salvador Dali. This company that develops home fragrances stepped up webdesign game in a major way. 3-D menu, unusual forms, mysterious music – all of these makes this website into a truly unique aesthetic experience.

Jade Dalloul VR Portfolio

Building a portfolio website is not hard. There are plenty of tools to do that, platforms like Wix offer easy site templates, as well as many other similar services. But it shouldn’t be only that. Jade Dalloul made his portfolio site into a virtual 3-D gallery installation of his works. You can move freely and observe the exhibits just as you would in the real museum.


Animation, combined with drawings and collage-like background? Yes, please! This Wes Anderson looking website is absolutely adorable! With a marine scene, lighthouse, birds, and clouds moving around according to your mouse or device moves. Good idea for your own website design!

In conclusion, inspiration is very important part in the rethinking the website design patterns. Don’t afraid to experiment, go for unusual decisions, and develop your own aesthetics. Artistic ventures is always a plus, embed it when needed;

a visual representation of your product or service is extremely vital. Whether you are going for over the excessive top design, or brutal, minimalistic one – just follow your instincts and don’t forget that usability is a must.

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