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No one wants to feel out of the loop. It’s no fun to be in a group conversation and have no idea what anyone is talking about! Picture yourself hanging out with your friends, and the topic of gaming comes up. Do you want to be the person who stays silent or the person who seems to know everything on the subject? If you’re the latter, then we’re here to help you out today. Below, we’ll fill you in on what’s hip/cool/trending in the gaming world. After this, you’ll be way ahead of the curve.


Nintendo Switch wants to be your only game console, bridging handheld and TV (hands-on)

Nintendo has had a tough time competing with Microsoft and Sony over the last decade or so, as the company isn’t close to the powerhouse it was once when the NES, SNES, and 64 consoles were at the peak of their popularity. Sure, the GameCube, Wii, and Wii U were decent enough, but against the might of the Xbox and PlayStation models, they didn’t stand a chance. Until now, perhaps. Nintendo’s new console – Switch – is coming on March 3rd, and promises to be easily the most exciting product Nintendo has released for a long, long time. This is due to the console’s twofold approach, in that in can be played as a home console or taken outside as a portable device.

To further boost the Switch’s playability, titles not exclusive to Nintendo will be available to play, such as sports games from 2K, RPG classic Skyrim, and the massively enjoyable Minecraft. But of course, favorites like Zelda and Mario will both have new and incredible-looking games, with Breath of the Wild touted to be the most expansive in the Zelda series.

Mobile gaming

One in Three Mobile Phone Owners Is a Regular Mobile Gamer [STUDY]

Since the likes of Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds came along, mobile and tablet gaming has hit the big time. There is no more openings for 90’s Snake, as some of today’s titles are hugely complex, entertaining, and very addictive. The pandemonium that surrounded Pokémon Go has undoubtedly quietened down considerably now, but it’s still occasionally fun to find a Pikachu or Charmander in your backyard. That said, there are many more games that are continually fun to play on-the-go, including Clash Royale, Quiz Up, and Super Mario Run (another plus for Nintendo). Take a look at this list for some more great mobile games released last year.

Watching others play

This is why people want to watch other people play video games

We’re serious. Watching other people play video games has become one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the last few years. Though it seems hard to imagine for anyone who had a bigger brother or sister who hogged the controller, millions of people today are enjoying simply sitting back and viewing some quality video gaming. League of Legends is one of several games which has tournaments that take place in stadiums across the world, and subscribing to particular channels on streaming sites like Twitch is a great way to watch pro players.

Furthermore, with YouTube being a possible way to earn a living, many ‘YouTubers’ focus specifically on gaming news, reviews, and playthroughs as a way to gain viewers and consequently – a nice amount of money through advertising. PewDiePie, TheDiamondMinecart, VanossGaming, and Smosh are just some of those channels making a name for themselves via video games on YouTube.

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