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How to Play Classic Game Boy Advance Games on Your PC

The Game Boy Advance (GBA) is Nintendo’s sixth-generation handheld video game console famous for its fresh design, improved graphics, and backward compatibility with all previous Game Boy games.  Seemed like it was yesterday when we played The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, Metroid Fusion, a series of new Pokémon games, Golden Sun, Castlevania, and lots of other captivating games that made the GBA popular so many gamers.  But in fact, almost twenty years have passed since the GBA’s first release. Most of millennial players sigh nostalgically when they recall their favorite Nintendo characters, the symbols of the six-generation era. We bet you’re also one of them! Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading our article. We think that it’s about time you stopped sighing and started playing the best GBA titles on your computer. You can do it quickly and easily if you go on reading.

Playing GBA Games Online

Time is one of the most valuable resources cherished in all times. No wonder, lots of classic gamers prefer not to download retro game files onto their computers. All they need to do to dive into classic gaming headfirst is to fire up their browser and go to the website dedicated to old-school games. If you’re new to retrogaming or just want to refresh your memory of the best GBA titles (or any other console game), you can head straight to

We recommend that you start you retrogaming journey exactly from this website due to a number of reasons. First of all, it has an easily navigable interface, which enables you to quickly find a required game and play it when you find it convenient. Secondly, you can always be sure that all content available on the website is 100 % safe and can be downloaded without fearing such negative consequences as catching a virus or downloading any other type of malware onto your PC. And finally, you can play your favorite titles directly in your browser on some sites. GBA games emulator online is your chance to start collecting Pokémon, saving Princess Peach, or committing grand theft auto immediately after locating the desired game on the website. To start playing a specific game, click on its icon (usually, it’s a game logo), locate and press the blue “Start Game” button. After that, you can proceed to play the game in your browser.

Playing GBA Games Using Emulators

Playing retro games through emulation have become a commonplace long time ago. Emulators are those handy tools that simulate vintage consoles’ hardware and thus turn any modern PC into a retro machine. Emulation software is available from the websites dedicated to classic gaming. Most often than not, developers distribute emulators for free, since their main purpose is to preserve vintage gaming legacy by preventing old arcade and console games from being lost and forgotten. Among the most popular and time-tested emulators successfully used by millions of classic gamers are Visual Boy Advance, arguably the best GBA emulator available on the market, BizHawk, No$GBA, VBA-M, FatGBA, MAME, RetroArch, and higan. All of these programs are compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. They support hundreds of the most popular GBA titles and ensure the best possible gameplay.

Note that an emulator alone isn’t enough for retrogaming. You also need to download a couple of GBA ROMs (game) for your emulator and save them to the default Game folder. Once you’re ready to play fire up your emulator and load a desired title.  

Enjoy your game!

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