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How to Pass CompTIA Network+N10-007 Exam with Practice Tests and Enjoy Your Networking Career


Your ability to pass any exam you’re planning to sit for depends on how well you utilize every opportunity you have for preparation. You need to understand all it takes to achieve the goal you want. Proper preparation is applicable for every exam including the CompTIA Network+ N10-007 exam which is our focus in this post. If you’re settled on wanting to take and pass this exam, then you’re in the right place. What follows is guidance on how you can pass the exam and why you need practice tests to do so. 

CompTIA N10-007 Exam Target Group

Nowadays, to be competitive in the modern IT world, being certified is what you need. It’s your lucky ticket to best career prospects, higher salary and the company you’d like to work in. The Network+ certification is one of the most in-demand vendor-neutral credentials offered by CompTIA. To gain it, you need to pass N10-007 exam. CompTIA Network+ is for those who wish to develop an IT infrastructure based career that covers troubleshooting, configuration, and management of networks. You need to have 9 or 12 months of experience in networking to pass the test. Besides, you can learn a lot of useful skills such as infrastructure, networking concepts, network security, network operations, network troubleshooting & tools here. 

The CompTIA N10-007+ exam seeks to have them become competent in the following skills:

  • Design and implementation of functional networks
  • Configuration, management, and maintenance of key network devices
  • Using devices like routers and switches in segmenting network traffic as well as creating resilient networks
  • Identifying the gains as well as drawbacks attached to available network configurations
  • Implementation of network-based security, protocols, and standards
  • Network problem troubleshooting
  • Supporting virtualized networks creation

Exam Details

The questions to answer in N10-007 exam which takes 90 minutes will be a maximum of 90. They’ll include performance-based, drag-and-drops, and multiple-choice questions. You’ll be graded on a scale of 100-900 and to pass the test you are required to get 720 points. As for the price, this CompTIA exam is available for $319.

How to Pass CompTIA N10-007 Exam?

Just passed CompTIA Network+ N10-007. This is what I learned

Preparing for exams is no fun at all. And it doesn’t matter whether you’ve been studying for a long time. The nightmare of facing exams stems from the uncertainty of what questions would be asked and whether one is ready to handle them effectively. The nightmare is even more real for an exam like the CompTIA N10-007 since it takes a lot of investment in effort and resources. 

But this doesn’t mean you can’t prepare and pass. All over the world, professionals keep passing their exams and receiving certifications. As much as there’s no replacement for diligent studying, the tricks below will help you master the concepts of the exam:

Understand N10-007 Exam Objectives

As you begin to prepare for your test, you need to focus on preparation methods that will help you understand the exam’s layout in detail. Objectives are there to guide you on what you require to get all ready for the test. Make sure you don’t leave out any area of the content. Seek for in-depth information through guidance from exam prep tools.

Seek to Know Your Learning Abilities

We all learn differently. For someone, learning through reading books works best for them. For another, taking a course or using practice tests is what brings the best out of them. You may want to use flashcards or take notes as you study. Your best approach could be reading through silence or sharing your new-found knowledge with someone else. 

It’s true, we can’t approach studies the same way. What you need to do is to understand which method helps you retain more of what you study. Knowing which preparation option works for you best is a great trick especially if you need to do intense studies.

Perform Networking Related Tasks

Exams like the Network+ N10-007 requires more than just theory. It’s important to learn how you can become a professional by performing practical tasks that enhance your skills. You may want to set up a computer network to help build your skills. It’s not an easy task but it’s worth doing. The only way to understand networks is to do actual practice with these networks. 

You’ll remember for longer what you practice with your hands. CompTIA has interactive virtual labs for this exam that you’d be glad to use. The virtual labs are going to be helpful in tackling performance-based test questions. Ensure you’re also ready for these types of questions. 

Practice and Practice Some More 

Practicing helps identify problem areas and your progress or readiness level for the test. Practice tests specifically bring you to a level that you get to understand what more you need to do. It’s best to practice with reliable tests that give you exactly what’s needed for N10-007 exam. N10-007 practice testsare what you need to get to the point you desire. Thus, you can find a valuable Premium Bundle which consists of 88 lectures, 431 updated questions with answers and a highly informative video course. 

Take Training Courses 

An instructor-guided training, self-paced video training, or tutorials are best for exam prep. Comprehensive coverage of objectives for the test is important in helping to understand all you need. You’ll also retain for longer what you learn through guidance from an expert. You may want to utilize the following courses:

  • CompTIA Network+ Instructor-Led Training
  • CompTIA Video Training
  • N10-007 Video Training Courses

To fill the existing skill gap in the IT industry today, more skilled professionals are needed. Using these tips and resources is a reliable way to begin your networking career journey as you help fill these gaps. Start by preparing well and you’ll definitely pass your test. 

Network+ Related Jobs

How to become a network administrator: A cheat sheet

Some of the jobs to apply to after passing your N10-007 exam and earning your Network+ credentials are:

  • Network administrator
  • Network field technician
  • Help desk technician
  • Information systems consultant
  • Network support specialist
  • Network engineer
  • Network analyst

Also, this certification allows you to work in such companies as Apple, Canon, DELL, HP, Ricoh among others and have an annual salary of about $64.000.


The CompTIA N10-007 exam is a sure way to get an opening into a networking career. Ensure you give it your best by sourcing for the most reliable and effective materials for revision and diligently studying with them. Don’t forget to take your time practicing for the exam using the most actual and valid practice tests from website. You can achieve whatever you want as long as you do what is right. Never allow yourself to lose focus when it comes to this critical aspect of your career. 

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