The Gadgets No Blogger Should Be Without

Blogging has become one of the easiest and most popular ways to work from home, with more and more people choosing to go down this route each year. Of course, succeeding as a blogger isn’t as easy as simply starting a blog, there’s actually a lot more to it than that. A well-designed blog that shares great content is important, but that isn’t all that is needed for a blog that will go on to be prosperous and profitable.

When it comes to succeeding as a blogger, having the right tools on hand is vital. If you want your blog to eventually allow you to make money, it is crucial that you are willing to invest in a range of crucial gadgets that will not only make succeeding as a blogger easier but will also make your site and content look and feel more professional.

Differences Between Good And Bad Blogs

There are certain gadgets and gizmos that can be implemented to not only make running a blog easier but also to make the process of building up a successful site and following easier. Bearing that in mind, below is a guide to a range of gadgets that no blogger should be without.


Is Your Blog Ready For 2017?

When your blog is your business, you need to be able to get online as quickly as 1,2,3, which is why having a laptop instead of a desktop computer, or as well as, is vital. As having a laptop means that you can work from just about anywhere. Whether you are on vacation, commuting on the train, or are in a coffee shop, a laptop makes working wherever you are, that little bit easier. The good news is that when it comes to choosing a laptop, it’s not necessary to pick anything overly expensive; as all you require is something basic that will allow you to edit your blog and create content to upload. Not sure what to get? Visit your local tech store and ask for their advice.

External hard drive

Are Giant Hard Drives A Luxury Or The Need Of The Hour?

An external hard drive is one of the most important devices a blogger can have. While you could opt to use cloud storage like Dropbox instead of an external hard drive, the issue with this is that your important data, documents and photos are just protected by a password, and if someone was to hack it, they could all be gone. Which is why an external hard drive could be a worthwhile investment to make. Plus, it’s always worth having more than one back up, especially when it comes to your important documents, data and photos, so there is no hard investing in a hard drive and taking advantage of cloud storage.


Must-Have Tech For Startups To Succeed

When it comes to being able to communicate with clients and other bloggers, a smartphone is an essential device. As your blog becomes more and more successful, your need to be able to communicate wherever you are becomes more important. Which is why having a smartphone is vital – either an iPhone or a Samsung device is probably best, as these are the two most sought-after options. Remember, to make your smartphone a worthwhile device to have, a high-speed internet connection is also vital. Don’t make the mistake of going with a cheaper service provider, as high-speed internet is vital, especially when you want to work on the go.


Image Source

Where would a blogger be without their camera? While you could opt to take photos on your smartphone – and many bloggers do – the quality of these images is rarely the same as the quality of photos taken with a camera like the Sony A7, for instance. As well as using your camera to capture photos, you can also opt to use it to capture video footage at events. Video footage gives you free content that can quickly and easily be uploaded, which can be ideal for sharing during or straight after an event. Videos can quickly and easily be uploaded to your blog, as well as to sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you are going to use your camera for sound, don’t forget to pick up some headphones and a mic.


Should I buy an iPad or an Android powered tablet?

Last but not least, every blogger needs a tablet or iPad. These devices are incredible for boosting your productivity, as you can use them for anything. From creating blog posts to editing photos, tablets and iPads can be used for just about anything. They are fantastic for using to communicate via FaceTime or Skype and are also ideal for using to stay active on social media, scheduling posts to go live in advance. A tablet is a device that no blogger should be without, as they are just so useful.

There you have it, a guide to the devices that no blogger in 2017 should be without.

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