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First Impressions In Business and Making Them Count

You’ve probably heard just how important first impressions are, but this isn’t just the case for people. As a business owner, you need to be sure that your business is making a great first impression too – and you may only have 7 seconds to do so. Below, we’ll go into more detail on making a great first impression. Take a look so you don’t ruin any future prospects!

Your business image is very important, whether clients are coming in to visit you or you’re going out to visit them.

If clients regularly come to visit you, then it’s a good idea to make sure your premises is up to par. It should be clean and professional looking, as well as match your brand. Your staff should be prepared for this too, and know how to react when somebody comes to visit.

First Contact

How To Make A Great First Impression

If you’re out visiting clients, then you should make sure you’re dressed appropriately, and you know what to do with your body language to appear friendly, open, honest, and professional. Even your car can make a big first impression if you’re going out to meet people. It doesn’t have to be a luxury sports car, but it should at least be clean.

If you’re attending an event outside of the workplace, such as a trade show, you’ll need items from a place that sells displays for events to make your brand stand out and draw people to you. Your image can make the difference between people visiting you or walking straight past.

Talking And Listening

Listening Is an Overlooked Leadership Tool

Talking and listening are two of the main things you’ll be doing when meeting with people – the most important one is the latter. While you will need to be prepared to say the right thing when it comes to your elevator pitch and talking about what your business can do, you’ll also need to listen carefully to the person you’re speaking too. Active listening is a great skill, and something you should regularly practice. People will want to know that you are really listening to them and understanding them. Don’t just wait to jump in with the thing you’ve been waiting to say. Be patient, nod, give other listening cues, and make sure you’re aiming to provide solutions to their issues and answer their questions. Addressing their worries regarding working with your business is key, so you really do need to understand where they are coming from. This ensures a more personalized approach, too.

Bring Personality To The Table

5 Personality Traits That All Successful Leaders Have

Of course, this can depend on who you’re speaking to, but in general a personalized approach is what people want to see in 2019. Being a business that is cold, calculating, with no personality is unlikely to get you very far. You should develop your brand personality by analyzing what your mission is, why you started, and who your audience is. Using your personality across all platforms is extremely important. Don’t forget to be real and authentic when speaking to people in real life, though!

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