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How Can I Store My Digital Photos Forever?

While our gadgets and social media allow us to post and save pictures for free, there’s no guarantee that our media is safe.

Phones get replaced, accounts get lost, and cloud storage space is insufficient. Not to mention, transferring content from one platform to another can be very time-consuming. Technology helps us immensely, but we don’t always get the upper hand.

However, we’re lucky to be alive in the era of smart devices. These gadgets simplify our lives, and it’s now possible to store your digital photos without annoying restrictions or slow transferences. Keep reading to learn more.

A smart photo manager

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Many people have multiple social media handles, all of which have hundreds of pictures available to followers. Oftentimes, you’re searching for one specific video or photo from years ago, but you can’t remember where you saved it.

This lack of organization weakens your control over these platforms, and these memories can be eventually forgotten. Now, just imagine if you could gather all of you favorite photos and videos in one single device, forever. With an online photo storage device, you can do it effortlessly, and only the right people will have access to them.

A smart photo manager gathers your media from your desktop, Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox, etc. to store them in one physical gadget you keep in your home (and you can usually access these photos online via an app). It lets you organize media and easily find what you’re looking for using an intuitive search bar.

Don’t worry about the wrong people seeing your photos, since it respects your privacy and your inner circle. Unlike traditional social media where everyone can see everything, online photo storage lets you share private links, albums, and memories with only those who matter to you.

Online storage vs. cloud storage

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Taking and saving hundreds of pictures with your smartphone’s quality camera is all fun and games, until a pop-up notification ruins everything with a “full storage” message. So you proceed to delete photos and videos you really care about, for the sake of keeping the ones you just took.

When looking for a solution, you’ll likely come across a popular one, which is cloud storage. While it has a good reputation, be aware: there’s a price for additional space, and it can stack up on your bills if you keep paying for every time you exceed your limit. Saving your pictures in the cloud is very helpful and provides extra room for your media, but these photos are now backed up on somebody else’s server.

On the other hand, a smart photo manager lets you save your photos online with a limit of up to two terabytes, and you keep them backed up within your own home. A terabyte consists of 1000 gigabytes, and smartphones usually have up to 256 GB. 2 TB can save hundreds of thousands of pictures, with the benefit of a one-time purchase. That means no more transferring media to your e-mail or other platforms, buying space, or paying added fees ever again.

Kick it old school

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What are you planning to do with all of those photos once you have them all at your disposal? They’re too precious to be left only in the tech world. Frame your memories with cheap canvas prints, and turn your beloved photographs into wall-art, beautiful collages, or framed pictures. Your favorite moments will be everywhere you look.

These simple and cost-effective ways to store your digital photos will make a world of difference in your daily life. After all, there should be no restrictions when it comes to collecting precious times.

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