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Best Tablets For Online Gaming

These days it is no surprise that mobile phones have been used to enjoy online gaming. These devices make it possible to enjoy games anywhere at any time. They also make it easy to maneuver through games with the touch screen controls found on many tablets. However, some users find the screens to be a bit too small for their liking and laptops are simply too bulky to tote around. This created a need for a device to come somewhere in the middle. This class of devices (as you know) is know as the tablet. Some of these devices come with certain specifications that make them better for gaming than others. Today we will compare some of the best tablets to use if you plan on gaming with it :).

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1

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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 is ideal for gaming. Not only does it possess a smart and sensible design but it also performs optimally. The Note performs tasks rather quickly. The processor found on the Samsung Galaxy Note is a quad core Exynos 1.4 GHz processor. It also comes with a quad core Mali T400 GPU. To be ideal for gaming, tablets should have at the least 1 GB of RAM. The Galaxy Note 10.1 actually has twice the needed RAM with 2 GB. It comes with the Android Operating system version 4.1.2.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8

Another product from Samsung that is an ideal gaming tablet is the Galaxy Note 8. This is definitely the smallest of any of its tablets. The display provides an aesthetic appearance. In fact, some say this version of the Note works better for gaming than the newer 10.1. It also comes with an Exynos processor. However, it is a dual core rather than a quad core. Like the Note 10.1, the Note 8 also comes with 2 GB of RAM already on the device. The display screen measures 8 inches which is less than the Note 10.1. The Note 10.1 measures 10.1 inches. It mainly comes down to preference in regards to which size display is more appropriate for specific gaming needs (aka Angry Bird fix).

Asus Transformer Infiniti Pad TF700

If you are looking for an Android tablet that has a very sharp screen and perfect light coupled with a thin design, then Asus may have you covered. Overall the company has had a good track record for providing gamers with good experiences, and this tablet is no different, as the gaming performance is very impressive. The tablet is equipped with 1.6GHz Tegra 3 Nvidia CPU along with a 12-core ULP GeForce. In some cases, the everyday apps even look better. For instance, the bird characters in Angry Birds Space look crisp and detailed when fully zoomed out!

Razer Edge Pro Gaming Tablet

Truly the king of gaming tablets – but a little bit pricey. The Razer Edge Pro is more than just a tablet, it’s a full-fledged mobile gaming PC running Windows 8. Packed with a Intel Core i7 Dual core w/ Hyper Threading Base 1.9GHz and a beefy 8 Gigs of RAM. This thing is definitely a monster, and performs past all expectations when it comes to gaming – but the price does make it pretty much exclusive to only the hardest core of gamers.

Google Nexus 10

Some call it Android’s best iPad alternative. The Nexus 10 is one of the first Android tablets to house the Samsung Exynos 5250, a Cortex A-15 CPU with a Mali T-604 GPU. It is also equipped with 2GB RAM running on Android 4.2.2. Performance in most games is slightly better than that of the previous Android performance champion, the Asus Transformer Infinity. However, the same games on the fourth-generation iPad can run a bit faster and in many cases included higher quality and more complex textures, geometry, and effects. The reason for this though is simply that most tablet games are optimized for the iPad first, so their code speaks directly to its components, taking into account its resolution and the A6X processor.

We hope that these android based tablets will enhance your gaming experiences and even take it into the online multiplayer realm! And of course, if you don’t like android – there is always the iPad :).

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