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Women in Technology: Why We Need More Code Girls in This Field

The technology progress has a constant impact on our daily lives and has a great potential to improve the lives of people in developing countries as those of developed countries. Since the world has over a billion people live in poverty, most of whom are women and children, the role of technology is vital for today improving the quality of life and socio-economic situation. That is why many authorities believe that in order to reduce poverty, it is essential to increase participation, contribution and women’s access to the technology field, create employment opportunities and increase industrial productivity.

Women achieve great results

Why We Need Women in Tech – Some of the most prominent women in the tech industry tell us what we need that they’ve got.

According to an industry insider, women working in the eight world’s largest technology companies improve their careers 238% faster than men. Although they are a minority (13% of Twitter employees are women, a figure that rises to 24% among eBay) to work in the area but can be reassured by saying that they occupy more positions of responsibility quickly.

It’s great to see these days more women with a scientific background occupying positions of responsibility. This obviously is a big change from what we have seen a few years ago, but there is ample room for improvement. This is how to encourage more girls to study science and technology. However, it is a fact that all around the world, women in technology and in all other fields are less well paid than men. For example, in Silicon Valley, educated women with computer technician jobs earn 40-73% less than their male colleagues for technology projects.

On the other hand, women now are in majority in some fields of science, such as human sciences. However, there are still not so many women working in physics or tech research are not very and this is not because they are not able to work efficiently with tech data. As we have seen, they have greater results than men. In addition, women have not achieved the same advanced applied science as they did in science. There are also a few women which have a great responsibility inside the scientific institutions, in large technology companies or which become members of scientific committees. There are also more men working in research and development, whether in universities, the public sector or private companies.

Access to education

Why We Can’t Network Our Way To More Women In Tech – The industry’s good intentions can’t fix a broken pipeline.

The stereotype that associates men with math and science has a negative impact not only on girls’ interest in these subjects, but also on their self-assessment and their performance. A change in the way we educate girls will include the revision of curricula and books, some special courses for teachers, and presenting female models to children. We also all know that we live in an era of technological advances. In recent years, ever smaller computers, smart mobile phones and smart energy alternatives-were introduced in homes and in the workplace, which has changed the way we live, work and what we are capable of doing. Furthermore, social media have promoted the social and political changes as we have witnessed with the “Arab Spring”. However, nowadays, there is more and more interest on this subject, and we have seen programs like Girls Who Code with different clubs and special courses aiming facilitate the access of women in technology field.

Improving women’s access to technology can encourage the advancement of women and encourage a greater economic growth. That is also the opinion of Christine Lagarde, executive director of IMF, who says ‘conspiracy’ against women makes the world poorer, reports a recent article published on The Guardian.

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