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Wedding planning: Money Saving Tips

Every girl has a fairy tale wedding in her head as she grows. But the knocks of nature wakes us up to the reality that is life. Yet, you can still have your dream celebration by hosting your wedding on a budget.

According to WeddingForward, you don’t have to skip your pleasures because you’re about to have a cheap wedding. From the budgeting to guest and down to entertainers, you can save tons of money following these tips.

1. Decide on your wedding type

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Before you draw up a wedding budget, decide on what kind of wedding you’d have. Have an idea of where you want to have it and the thing you’d love to see. Take inspiration from movies, wedding blogs, Instagram, etc.

2. Have a round table talk

Have the talk with everyone responsible for sponsoring the wedding. Know how much you can pool together or alternative contributions. Would a person pay for decor, food or logistics? This helps with budgeting.

3. Choose your negotiables and non-negotiable

This is very important when planning a budget wedding. You and your spouse will sit together to choose your “must-haves” and “can do withouts.” You may also do it separately. But however you choose, it doesn’t have to be anything serious. It could be that string quartet you’ve been dreaming of dancing to. Maybe a pricey wedding ring set, or that venue with a stunning view. 

4. Create an airy budget

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When planning your wedding, it’s important to have an airy budget. We mean a flexible one that can take a bit of hit without leaving you stranded. You should make a wedding budget breakdown that allocates cost according to importance and magnitude. For instance, 30% for food, 25% for drinks, 30% for venue, 10% for photographers, 15% for attire, etc. Also, remember to include miscellaneous.

5. Suffocate your guest list

Everything you do at your wedding revolves around the guest list. Now if you’re having a wedding on a budget, it will most likely be intimate. Make a drastic cut down on your guest list. Stick to only the most important guests. We advise couples to work with guests who they’ve spoken to in the past three months. The smaller the guest list, the less you have to spend on their comfort.


6. Have a home wedding

Rather than having the venue sink your wedding budget, use alternatives. Your home or a very close friend’s home can serve as either a ceremony venue or reception. A little touch up here and there will transform the place into a dreamy venue. You can also have a ceremony wherever and come back home to a small get together reception.

7. Trade by barter

You’ve got people in your life with the skills needed for your wedding? Here’s how to budget for a wedding… trade! Trade with them for either a gift or helping them with your own skills. You could get your horticulturist friend to do your florals in exchange for a gift. The same goes for photographers, DJ, caterer, etc. They may want some cash, but you’ll be saving a whole lot of money on a discount.

8. Channel your inner creative

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Favors, invites, bouquet, boutonnière and more are items that you can save loads of cash on. The simple trick is to get creative and DIY. But be very sure that they’re stuff you can do to perfection. It wouldn’t be nice that you waste materials and hire an expert in the end. Leave Instagram and Pinterest on this DIY journey and stick to only what you’re great at.

9. Decorate the life out of Styrofoam

One of the best inexpensive wedding ideas is the Styrofoam takeover. Do you dream of tiered cakes up to the roof? Get a baker that will give Pinterest a run for their money. They’d decorated the Styrofoam cake to smashing beauty. Guests will be none the wiser. Serve up slices of sheet cakes to guests.

10. Master perfect timing

Venue and food takes a huge chunk of the wedding budget. So if you want to pull off one of the best weddings on a budget, master your timing. Hire your wedding venue on off-season or a day of the week that business is low. You’ll get the venue at a highly discounted price. 

To save up cost on meals, begin your wedding at noon so that you don’t have to serve three-square meals. Keep it at brunch and close up before evening. Avoid seat down meals and stick to foods that can be passed around.

Above is how to plan a cheap wedding without losing class. Plan your wedding on a budget with these tips.

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