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Top Software Development Trends for 2020

2020 is here, and the technology trends are exploding. The fast pace at which we are moving these days means that keeping on top of these trends is paramount to success. If your business isn’t making use of software development services, you are missing out on huge opportunities. The software industry shifts constantly, and this year will see many transformations.

Here’s a hot-list of all the exciting expectations for the coming year.

AI will boom.

6 Predictions for the Future of Artificial Intelligence in 2020

While artificial intelligence has been around for a while now, the way we are using it and how well it works continues to evolve rapidly. AI technology helps with search suggestions, understanding customer behaviors, and making basic tasks automated. Businesses would be well-advised to implement what this technology has to offer into the solutions they offer to their customers.

The IoT will deepen.

It’s hard to define the concept of IoT in a condensed way. But in a nutshell, it’s about connecting various things to the internet to make our world smarter. Businesses have already started to discover how this concept can translate to more convenience, faster solutions, and better functionality for their customers. The demand for this continues to increase, and there’s no turning back now. 

Low-Code will grow.

How low-code platforms are transforming software development

Low-code software platforms are made to allow anyone to build software. Some developers may be skeptical of this, but it allows for faster production of new applications. 

4G becomes 5G

5G should be here by the end of the year, improving upon 4G in speed, security, and connectivity. Software development companies and individuals alike rejoice.

Progressive Web Apps are increasing in popularity.

How Progressive Web Apps Will Change Online Business

From a user’s perspective, a PWA is like browsing a website via their smartphone. But it’s not a website. It feels more like an app, except that it runs in a browser. This is a great choice for businesses and users alike. They are quicker to develop than apps, they load faster, and they are secure. 

Software development will be more outsourced.

More businesses are looking to expand their reach while staying current. And they will be seeking out  trusted, customized service for their IT solutions.

Edge computing will flourish.

Predictions 2020: Edge computing makes the leap

Edge computing brings data handling and storage closer to the devices, instead of a place that could be far away. This was created because of the wild popularity of the IoT. Devices are interacting constantly, and applications need high-performance, faster processing, and cost-efficiency. Edge computing can do things that the cloud cannot.

JavaScript is winning.

There are many different programming languages for building web apps, but JavaScript is one of the most loved and most popular. It’s a very versatile language and allows developers the freedom to experiment. There are several new features set to roll out in 2020, some of which are already available. JavaScript is set to become the number one choice for user interfaces on all platforms.

Mixed Reality is gaining speed.

This is the blending of real and virtual worlds to create a hybrid type of environment. This technology has implications for many industries including tourism, architecture, defense, gaming, and healthcare (among others). The market is projected to grow in big ways over the next few years.

Big data testing gains momentum.

Managing considerable amounts of information is a big job. And when people are dealing with big data, it has to be tested to ensure it’s high quality. This means a lot of emphasis is put on testing the performance and functionality of applications and software. This is crucial for businesses, as it improves accuracy and minimizes mistakes. As we move into 2020, this need will only grow bigger.

To summarize:

There are constant advances in the software development industry, sometimes happening daily. It’s critical for businesses to stay on top of what’s happening so that they don’t get left behind in the dust. Furthermore, they need to be able to serve their clients and customers in the most current way — and in the way that the customers want to be served. This continues to evolve. And in order to make sure they are staying competitive, businesses should be enlisting software development services from those with experience to ensure they are in line with these top trends of 2020.

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