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The Best Phone Tracker App In The Market Available For Free

Spying is a form of a watch over in which you trace activities of the target and be aware of the atrocities being done by the target person. People really don’t know about spying and regard this process as a difficult and a sophisticated activity which needs you to be an expert in order to make it happen but the reality is different from the conclusion.

There are several apps in the market which aid in spying and help you trace the activities of either your child or employees to keep a strict eye on them and track what are they upon.

Cocospy is an exotic and easy to use spying software which can run on the commonly used operating systems including the Android and iPhone. This free spying software and Phone Tracker app helps you to track the target phone and keep you aware of the activities being done by it.

Cocospy is known to be published and appreciated by famous World-class websites including the PC World, New York Times, Top Ten Reviews, Life hacker, Forbes, Android Authority, CNET, PCMag, TechRadar, Tom’s Guide, Digital Trends, as well as life wire. Cocospy and its efficiency are regarded by these websites and it stands tall among all the other spying software.

What Makes Cocospy The Best?

Cocospy is very useful software which is available for free on the major operating systems. Certain special features of Cocospy exclude it from the list of being ordinary and make it the best Cell Phone Tracking app; which includes:

  • Efficient and reliable
  • Used by millions of people from across the World and a strong number of followers using it on a daily basis for tracking.
  • Several Application tools which aid in tracking and help you locate, trace, identify or find the phone or user effectively.
  • Text spy application to track the SMS messages in real time and displaying contacts to help the user identify the person sending text messages to the target phone
  • Call tracker which allocates the calls and defines the location from where the person is calling. Therefore, helping you in tracking calls, usually from where the major proportion of criminal activities takes place.
  • Location tracking services help you to actively track the live location of the target phone using GPS and predict the location of your child on your monitoring phone.
  • Geo-Fence alert which is another excellent utility and a good application tool to use in times of an emergency. It forms a territory on the map and fences that boundary, if the target phone excesses the boundary, the Geo-Fence alert notifies you through a warning notification, henceforth, helping you to know if your child leaps out of the bounds.
  • Easy and friendly user-interface that develops a sense of security and proves it through performance and enhanced ability to make sure your child is in the arms of safety.

How Phone Tracking Is Done?

Phone tracking seems a relatively less used and complicated process that requires skills and a great deal of money but the actual process of phone spying is made so easy by the Cocospy Phone Tracker application.


Install the Cocospy app on the monitoring phone and sign-up for free on the software, creating an account has never been easy.

Step 2:

Enter the iCloud credentials or access the cocospy application on the target’s android phone to gain access to the monitoring and allow the security settings of the target phone to le the Cocospy application run, without letting the target person know.

Final Step:

The final step of spying is to monitor the target phone through the Cocospy’s dashboard in the control panel which notifies all of the activities being done by or the atrocities being done from the target phone. If access is granted on Android phone and iCloud credentials are filled in the sign-up menu, Cocospy will begin its free monitoring.

Cocospy’s Application Tools:

1. Text Spy Application:

Text spy application not only tracks the text messages completely but also tells you about the persons who are sending texts, since many scams are a result of SMS.

2. Call Tracker:

Call tracker application defines the calls and complete identification of the person calling on the target phone it also lets you know about the location from where the call is being placed. It also records the call and helps you spy further and check from whom your child is being bullied by.

3. Location Tracker:

The location tracker application helps you know the location of the target phone through the GPS technology, it helps us in knowing the location of the person we are spying on through the target phone. It is advisable for parents since the location of their child can be traced easily.

4. The Geo-Fence Alert:

Geo-Fence alert, as explained earlier, marks a boundary and lets you know if the person goes out of the fairgrounds and compromises on the safe territory.

5.Social Media Tracking:

Cocospy Social media tracking helps us in knowing the complete information of a person’s social media activity. It hacks the social apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram Etc. and delivers full details of account messages and media files used on the social media account by the person, anonymously.

Final Word:

It is not easy to monitor your child without letting them know but with the help of Cocospy and its application tools and utilities; it becomes much easier for you to track the activities of the target person and perform Cell Phone Tracking. It is advisable for you to use this spying software for unknown monitoring of the target person and the children of a young age to keep them safe from the dangers that prevail in technology.

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