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Tech and Your Summer Holidays: 6 Tips to Get Ready for Your Next Trip

Your summer holiday trip with your family or friends is coming up. This year, with the many travel restrictions still in place, you are not likely to be able to board that long-haul flight afterwards. Even if this has not stopped you from planning the ultimate road trip with your pals, some must-haves can make the journey more interesting. Starting from keeping all of your gadgets secure to the best starter packs for a camping trip entertainment system, here you can find some unmissable tips.

Get Gadget Insurance

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Gadget insurance is something that not many travellers tend to invest in – unless they are travelling to far-flung countries for more than a couple of weeks. Naturally, the longer you are abroad, the more gadgets you’ll need, the more chances there will be to lose or break one.

However, during camping trips, you might have to travel by car everywhere and stay in a tent. So, the level of security might not be as high as the one offered by a hotel room. Especially if you are thinking of improving your kit with the following tips, make sure you also get an all-encompassing insurance policy that can help you find peace of mind – regardless of where you are travelling to. 

Ensure You Have Enough Storage Space

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Now, you might have been very busy trying to plan this trip to perfection and in the middle of a global pandemic. However, after all this effort, there is nothing worse than not having enough space to save all of your photos and videos. 

While we rely on our devices to be our desk on the road, cameras, editing stations, recorders, and video makers, sometimes something so simple as their restricted memory can let us down. So, depending on your laptop or mobile’s manufacturer, getting a bigger storage size is crucial.

However, luckily, you don’t need to upgrade your Mac storage – if you know where to get an external storage device that can do all that for you!

Download the Apps You Really Can’t Do Without

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While on a road trip – even if within your own country or region – always feel like setting off for uncharted territories. Even if the whole process is always super exciting, you should keep in mind that preparation is key. And technology can help. Naturally, you would already have all the communication apps you might need to send updated to your loved ones – but there is more!

Firstly, get ready with all the GPS apps you might need along the way. If you are travelling by car, simple apps such as Google Maps and can help you find your way around no matter where you are. 

However, if you are cycling or planning on keeping up your running routine, apps like Strava or MapMyRun can help you find out how long you have run for and how many calories you have burned. Lastly, consider downloading a sheet with emergency numbers of the area and an interactive map of gas stations and rest areas. 

Entertainment Must-Haves

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You might have gotten a few interesting devices during the Christmas holidays, but now it’s time to look at what implementations you need and what upgrades you would like to make for next year’s holiday. If you are enough of a geek, you won’t be able to stop at simple noise-cancelling headphones. 

Rather, you won’t seem to be able to stop yourself from buying all the entertainment gadgets you could possibly need. However, if the limited budget brings you back to Earth, here are the essential ones you should consider investing in.

  • Kindles
  • Speakers
  • Projectors

Have a Power Bank Always Charged

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Before setting off for your trip, ensure that all of your devices are charged and functioning. However, the usage you will make of your phone and laptops on holiday can be much greater than the expected one. Indeed, today we use our phone to take pictures, but also to communicate, find our way around, and browse the menu of restaurants and cafes. All this activity can easily drain the battery of your phone, leaving you without a backup! So, having a power bank that is fully charged with you at all times is a must for all travellers.

Get a Drone to Document Your Trip

While this might be a treat for you and your friends, remember that you have already cancelled that expensive flight and hotel abroad! With a limited investment like it could be the one needed for a drone, you can enjoy semi-professional videos of your holidays. Even better, you can make your trip look epic even if you have not really gone far from your hometown.

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