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The TV world is experiencing a revolution. No longer do you have to stay in on a Friday night if you want to catch your favorite TV show, or buy costly DVDs to watch your favourite film as often as you like. Online streaming has made it possible for us all to watch whatever we want when we want and wherever we want. This is undoubtedly a good thing, but how do you get the most out of online streaming?

To make the most of the streaming opportunities available, you need to choose your streaming services carefully, so that you get the best of everything. Here is my list of the streaming services you really need in your life:


Is Netflix Changing TV for Good?

Depending on your location, Netflix is probably the best overall streaming service due to the fact that it has an excellent selection of movies and TV shows. Its original content, which includes hits like Jessica Jones, Stranger Things The OA and even a recent Gilmore Girls revival, is pretty good, and at only $7.99 per month, it’s an absolute steal.


Meet MUBI, the ‘Netflix for cult, classic and indie movies’

If you’re a real movie geek, you’ll love Mubi – a streaming service which offers an excellent selection of the best movies from around the world. Unlike most streaming sites, Mubi offers up one new movie each day and allows you to watch it in for the next 30 days. Although movies don’t stick around as long as they would on Netflix or Amazon, they are arguably a lot better in terms of quality and selection. So, if you adore Ozu or can’t get enough of the French New Wave, give Mubi a go.

Verizon Fios

Verizon offers Free View channel trials

Verizon fios is more than a streaming service, it is a home entertainment package, which includes a fiber optic internet connection, TV streaming package and home phone connection. It’s a great alternative to cable, included multi-room DVR and enables you to watch popular channels like AMC, CW and Food Network, all in 1080p HD. Click this link for more information.

Amazon Video

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Amazon Video is comparable in quality to Netflix, offering up a wide range of shows and movies, but you also get free Amazon Prime deliveries and other benefits thrown into the mix. Unlike Amazon, you can also pay extra for premium content, which gives you access to more up to date shows.

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue FAQ: Everything to know about Sony’s cable TV alternative

If you’re a cable junkie, but you want to bring your viewing habits bang into the 21st Century, it is definitely worth investing in a PlayStation so that you can watch PlayStation Vue. This service is as near to cable TV as you can get and at only $40 per month for a basic package, it’s a great option, which will allow you to watch all your favorite shows and channels on demand.

Although these services are arguably the best of the bunch, there are many more available, and since most can be subscribed to on a monthly basis, it may be worth checking them out to see which services suit you best.

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