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The Internet: So Much More Than A Simple Search Engine

The internet is an amazing, mind-boggling tool. It’s like one giant book filled with everything that you could ever want or need to know. Now, while the internet was designed as a resource for learning and research, it has developed into so much more than that.

The internet has become a medium that connects the entire world. It’s a medium that allows people from all over the planet to connect with each other, share images, videos, content, stories, and so much more.

The Origins Of The Internet

It may have been designed to be a resource for research, and it still is one, but the internet has also become so much more than that. It’s no longer just a simple search engine, it’s an integral part of modern society.

What exactly does the internet offer that makes it such a useful resource for the whole world?

It connects us

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First and foremost, the internet is an amazing resource because it connects the entire world. It all started out with email and since then has grown into this incredible communication network made up of instant messaging, social networking sites, and forums. The internet makes the world a smaller place because it’s so much simpler to communicate with people spread far and wide across it.

There’s room for fun

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Another way that the internet has been utilised is as somewhere that can be used for entertainment. Not only is the internet covered in entertainment news but it’s also developed into somewhere that people go to chat with others, play games, stream videos, and generally keep themselves entertained.

Using the Internet to Find Your Home

From games sites like to resources for traditional games like Scrabble, where a solver tool like can be useful, the internet is a resource that has plenty of room for fun and excitement. What was once built to be a resource for research and education has changed significantly.

Transactions and retail

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Before the internet arrived, you could only shop in-store or via mail order. Today, that’s all changed. Did you know that 85% of people choose to browse online before making a purchase or heading into store? A high percentage of people choose to buy online rather than in-store for convenience. You can even reserve items online for collection in store, to ensure that what you want doesn’t sell out. The internet has completely overhauled the retail sector, with many companies such as Asos and BooHoo operating solely online, and doing so rather successfully.

Making money

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The internet was never designed to be a means of working, but as this vital resource has developed, it has become somewhere that people can earn from. Whether it’s through blogging or working remotely via the services that the internet provides, the internet has become a medium for working, and a highly successful one at that.

Using The Internet To Make Life Easier

There is so much more to the internet than these things, however these are just a few examples of how the internet has grown into so much more than a simple search engine. For a high percentage of the world’s population, life without the internet is unimaginable, and it’s easy to see why.

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