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How To Look Like A Professional Musician

If you want to make a living as a musician, you’ll need more than a great voice and killer threads. It would help if you had business acumen and a hint of professionalism to better your chances of getting your music content seen and heard by the right people. 

But if money is low, and there’s no one willing and waiting to become your manager yet, it’s up to you to carry your business forward as a self-employed artist. To look the part, and ensure new contacts take you seriously, invest some time using the tips below. 

Business Cards

20 Fantastic Business Cards For Musicians

Scrambling to write down your number on a piece of paper for a contact from the music industry you were fortunate to bump into in your local coffee shop, doesn’t look great. Not to mention it’s likely to get lost in and amongst all of the other people’s phone numbers that have been thrown at that person that day by other musicians.

What looks much better, and will last much longer, is a business card. And with plenty of sites, online such as moo.com and solopress.com, they’re not that expensive to make either. 

At some point, the fact is that business cards will have to come out of their pockets. And when it does, it’ll certainly stand apart from the scrunched up bits of paper with numbers on given to them by other musicians. 

Showstopping Videos

You have a fantastic song, but you don’t have a music video to go with it? No problem; you can make audio visualizer with vidsbeat.com online. There is a selection of templates to choose from to suit a range of music styles. 

Visuals are necessary to engage people to listen to your music, not to mention it looks much more professional than a blank screen or make-shift video. Plus, the viewer shall come to associate that sound with the visual and vice versa. Do your talent justice, by maximizing its ability to reach the audience through visuals that look good!

Lose The Rockstar Attitude

Whittier man creates musical career from humble beginnings

A bad attitude can make you look unappealing to prospective venues, managers, and record companies. Their prime intention is to make money with you from your talents. And so if an artist is difficult, gets in trouble with the law, misses important meetings and studio time, it lessens the chance of them and generates any money.

For this reason, it’s best to keep it professional when speaking to those interested in your music. Especially contacts in the music industry. Suppose you get caught saying something offensive or act out. In that instance, you could jeopardize an opportunity to win a lucrative music career. So play it safe, and be on your best behavior at all times.

Update Social Pages 

The complete guide to social media for musicians

Spend time maximizing social media online and updating your contact details, new images of you, and original music regularly. In doing so, you can keep your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter feed interesting for new viewers and business contacts scouting for talent. Social pages that reflect your branding look professional to spectators.

Being professional is the right way to show people in the music industry, you’re not only musically gifted, but you also have a strong work ethic and are willing to do what it takes to become a success.

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