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The Geek’s Guide To Vegas Coupon Hacks

Las Vegas is the dreamland for gamblers and pleasure seekers from all over the US – and the world. It is an open place where everyone and anyone can come and has thrived thus far precisely because it welcomes everyone.

How do you save money while in Vegas?

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This is definitely on people’s minds when they visit Vegas for the first time. It is not really about not having enough cash; it is making it home safely with some of your cash still with you. Obviously, gambling it all in Vegas (and gambling can take many forms, mind you), is risky business fit only for those with steel nerves and hearts.

But if you are like us, you just want to enjoy the ambiance, the local culture, the feel of how it is to be in Vegas.

And we’ve geekified the context and have come up with some neat strategies so you save money while maximizing your stay in this glittery dreamland, where high-rollers, celebrities, and legendary gamblers all find a place along with the rest of us.

On your way to Vegas

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The idea of couponing is saving money, right. But there aren’t many coupons for all the things that you need when going on your trip. That is definitely not going to stop us in ‘hacking’ your trip to make it less expensive. Let us start with your flight to Vegas.

Normally, people carry with him or her a ton of stuff when going to another state or city. Like two luggage. Or three. However many, plus a carry-on.

The fact of the matter is: you will not be staying long in your hotel room when you are on the Strip. You will always be moving about, drinking the sights, sounds, and experiences of Las Vegas.

Light is better

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On your way to the Strip, remember to just pack light so you do not have to pay extra on your flight. You can buy toiletries and other stuff you need when you arrive at the Strip, anyway.

Hotels in Las Vegas also have stores where you can get an assortment of supplies for your stay. Why carry them all and end up paying more on your way here?

Now that we have taken care of your stuff, remember to book a hotel early, too. Booking earlier means you save a ton of cash in the process. Don’t commit the mistake of just walking into a hotel and expecting a room to be available for cheap.

Avoid tourist season

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That is not going to happen. That’s the cardinal rule anywhere in the world. If you want to save, call in or visit a hotel’s website and book early. Use hotel website services to compare, too.

As for the timing of your visit, make sure that you avoid holidays and other tourist magnet days. Off-peak days are great for visiting and roaming the Strip.

Ask for a hotel upgrade…nicely

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When you are in the hotel, ask the receptionist or front desk if you have any free upgrades available to you. Tell them that it is your first time in Las Vegas and don’t forget to ask nicely.

While in the casinos or roaming the Strip

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Las Vegas is an amazing place full of legends and unbelievable personalities, like the Phantom Gambler. There are always stories to hear and more to understand about how Las Vegas culture works. But in order for you to stay longer in the Strip and not go bust, you need to save your dough.

Get drinks cheap!

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Let us start with the drinks. It is tempting to card your way through your drinks, especially if you’re out with buddies.

But the charges will pile up? If you are visiting a casino and if you are patient, servers in casinos will bring you free drinks. It is customary for patrons of casinos to tip the servers who are intuitive enough to spot you and offer you free drinks.

Another way to save on food drinks (especially alcohol) is by buying them from the grocery stores nearby.

Sure, it is not going to be as classy as sitting in an expensive bar, but if you want to get smashed with your buddies, well, you need alcohol and alcohol is cheaper in grocery stores.

What are you celebrating?

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If you do end up in a bar, don’t be shy about telling people what you might be celebrating: your birthday for example, or perhaps a recently settled divorce. There are a lot of reasons why people visit the Strip.

Sin City welcomes all folks and their reasons for wanting to visit or celebrate in Sin City. You might get a free upgrade or free drinks while talking about your reasons for staying in bars. Again: don’t be shy around folks at the Strip.

Grab those free passes

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In and around hotels and clubs, you will also spot people giving away free passes. Do not ignore these folks. With these free passes, you can get in free into clubs, get free shots of drinks, or even get ahead in a long line.

It depends on the passes that you get in the first place, but it is a big no-no to ignore free stuff like this.

If your buddies are heavy drinkers, it may also be a good idea for you to call a bottle services so you can order alcohol easily.

The average price of a serving of liquor in bars is $20. So ask around and compute how you are going to save. Buying stuff in individual units will cost you more, mainly because you are paying for the experience of consuming something in a Las Vegas establishment.

The guest list

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The women in your group can ask a club to be put on a guest list so they can get in through a separate entrance and they will not have to pay cover charge, too.

It might sound like a long shot, but when you see some lines on some nights, you would wish to be on a special list just to avoid the lines and the wait.

And this is how you hack your Las Vegas vacation to save tons of cash on the simplest of things. See you there!

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