Just Visiting: Your Business Should be Accessing the Best Information to Improve Sales Conversion

In a website context, your conversion rate implies the percentage or ratio of visitors who come to your business to make a purchase. A lot of websites concentrate only on increasing visitors and pay less attention to increasing their conversion rate. Paying attention to this matter would have a significant effect on your website conversion rate, improving the bottom line of the site at the least expense.

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Website visitor tracking will allow your business to identify the right areas you can improve on to increase your conversion rate. Here are a few techniques for doing that:

Know Your Unique Selling Point

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Your USP is what will differentiate your business from your competitors in the same niche. If a user visits various sites to look for products, what is it that will make them decide to buy from your website and not anywhere else?

Many businesses do not know what their Unique Selling Points are. Almost every company has one, but they may not necessarily know what they are. If you are running a family business, that is a potential Unique Selling Point. Low prices, excellent customer service, unique products that can’t be found anywhere else, great support, and free delivery are some of the USPs you need to know about. Let your users know what it is you are offering them that other businesses do not offer.

Be Precise and Honest

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If there is a product that is out of stock, make sure you let your visitors know. Website users usually getting frustrated after finding out a product is out of stock once they have gone through the process of adding to cart and checking out.

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This also applies to issues of pricing. A website user may be willing to spend $200 on a particular product, but when they realize there is a $100 shipping fee, they will most likely stop the sale. Although revealing delivery price can be tricky, it is not always impossible. The IP to Country platform will make it possible for you to establish the user’s location so you can create an accurate delivery cost estimate. If that is not possible, indicate the cost of delivering products to countries that are appropriate to you and the locations where you often make your deliveries to.

Track Your Progress

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Irrespective of whether you want to increase visitors to your website or increase your conversion rate, it is essential to track the result of all the above efforts. Viewing the overall number of visitors or looking at the page view numbers is not enough. You need to track where your visitors are coming from, what their actions entail once they are on your website, and at what point in your conversion funnel they exit your site.

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Once you have garnered such information, you can now concentrate on what works best for you and get rid of what does not. There are various platforms available which you can use to track the visitors of your website. Take advantages of these and watch your business grow!

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