Brilliant Businesses Don’t Lean on Tech, And Here’s Why

It’s normal for companies to rely on technology in 2017. In spite of everything, technology has changed the way the industry does business, and a lot of it is for the better. No one would have guessed small businesses could trade blows with the big boys with no money, yet they can with the help of social media and SEO. And, the right software can help cut costs as well as increase productivity levels. It’s no wonder firms rely on this kind of expertise nowadays.

It all seems like technology is only having a positive effect, but it can have a negative one. Anyone that doesn’t believe that should take a look at the following.

Sea Change

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Although the future of the industry is different to a decade ago, it is about to make another sharp turn. Governments and regulators are only starting to realise the dangers that technology causes to the world, and they want it to stop. Those that don’t understand the dangers only need to look at an infographic about electronic waste to get the gist. Businesses are harming the planet, and the world wants it to stop. To protect the earth, there are now rewards for companies that comply. A ‘green’ business, for example, is liable to tax breaks and bursaries from the government for pulling their weight. The money is too good to turn down, and the change will happen. When it does the firms that are most reliant on tech will suffer the most.

Slower Reaction Times

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Whatever anyone says about employees, they can react much quicker than any piece of tech. Today’s software isn’t advanced enough to spot problems and figure out solutions. Instead, it carries on completing the task the company wants it to regardless. It is down to an employee to spot the difference and adjust the course. And, a good employee will detect the slightest shift in a short space of time. Mistakes cost thousands if not millions of dollars, and technology is one of the reasons why.

Safety Net

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A safety net is critical, and the best way to secure a business is to have a mix of methods. That way, if one method doesn’t work or fails, another will save the day. In this case, should the tech stop working, the employees can come to the rescue or vice versa. Companies that rely on tech don’t have a safety net because they only have one plan of attack. When that plan loses its teeth, there is no one there to put the piece back together and the results can be fatal. Also, it’s important not to forget that a mix of techniques brings about the best results. Employees have blind spots as does technology, so, to cover the blinds spots, both have to work together.

A boss that wants to run a top company needs to understand that technology is important as it has a lot of benefits. But, those benefits don’t mean they are the be all and end all for the business.

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