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7 Jobs To Consider In The Automotive Industry

With a variety of job roles, from sales and management to engineering and design, there are many career opportunities for people who love working with vehicles.

Here are seven auto industry jobs to consider:

1. Automotive Service Manager

Automotive Service Managers are responsible for overseeing an entire service center or dealership. The manager is responsible for recruiting, training, and supervising members. Automotive service managers develop financial and business goals for the organization, develop marketing plans and meet with other executives to review results. Service managers also perform administrative tasks such as maintaining inventory and service records. Automotive service managers are often responsible for responding to customer inquiries and concerns.

2. Body Technician

Mechanics and panel beaters repair damaged vehicles. They usually work on cars that have been involved in accidents or collisions. A body technician removes and replaces parts of your vehicle, polishes scratches, extrudes dents, and repaints the exterior to make sure everything fits. They also work with a hydroforming manufacturer when specific parts are needed. When a customer brings a vehicle to a repair shop for repair, the repair technician helps develop an estimate of the expected costs.

3. Automatic cost-of-repair estimator

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The car calculator calculates the customer’s cost of car repair. They work with auto insurance companies and sales representatives to provide accurate quotes and guide customers through post-accident vehicle repairs. A car estimator, also known as a crash estimator, can personally evaluate your car and review photographic or video evidence to determine the extent of damage and the condition of the vehicle prior to the accident.

4. Car sales manager

A car sales manager helps customers find vehicles in the price range that meet their needs. They guide customers to dealerships, answer questions, highlight key vehicle features, and allow customers to test drive their dream cars. Car sales managers also guide customers through the financial process of organizing paperwork, filling out contracts, and securing auto loans. They are responsible for negotiating prices and qualifying buyers before completing a sale.

5. Industrial Designer

Industrial designers create designs and concepts for various products, including vehicles. They use their technical knowledge and creative skills to design layouts for various vehicle components such as doors, fenders, headlights, and mirrors. They also develop design prototypes and models. The industrial designer works closely with the automotive engineer to ensure that all dimensions on the drawing are correct. Their main goal is to create innovative, efficient, and visually appealing vehicles for manufacturers.

6. Truck driver

Truck drivers transport products and goods from one place to another. They operate heavy vehicles such as tractor trailers and trucks to move large cargo. Truck drivers are responsible not only for driving these vehicles but also for their safety by performing regular maintenance checks. They also do basic repairs like oil changes and tire rotations. If you are interested in truck driving careers, the industry is on the rise, and there is a wealth of opportunities for men and women across the country.

7. Diesel Technician

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Diesel technicians only work on vehicles with diesel engines. Also known as diesel service technicians and diesel mechanics, these professionals inspect, maintain, and repair heavy-duty vehicles. Common types of vehicles with diesel engines include buses, trucks, and tractor-trailers. Diesel technicians can also inspect and repair electrical systems and test diesel engines to ensure they meet emission regulations.

There You Go

Just a quick look into the possibilities of working in the automotive industry. If this is something you would like to consider, at least now you have 7 options to look at. Good luck!

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