6 Business Apps to Boost Productivity in the New Year

A new year means a new start, a chance to tackle the business plans that have evaded you for the past few months. Every business owner or entrepreneur struggles with something different, but low productivity is a common complaint. It’s easy to get distracted in today’s technology-driven world, but technology can also be the tool that helps us to stay focused and energetic throughout the year.

Here are just a few of our favorite business apps that can help you boost your productivity after you ring in the New Year and well beyond.



Standing for “If This Then That,” IFTTT helps you automate things you never even thought possible. Want to know what the day’s weather will be like as soon as you wake up? The app can show you the forecast at a preset time each day. The IFTTT app speaks to all of your other apps to program how they function and when. Keep yourself productive and on schedule with this truly virtual assistant.



Why waste time printing documents or digging them out of filing cabinets in order to feed them through the fax machine? We all know that you’re grumbling about why fax machines exist the whole time you do so. Why can’t some people just get with the program and use email? Well, now you can always send an email and never have to touch a fax machine again. eFax’s Internet faxing service will transfer your attachment to the recipient’s fax machine, saving you time, hassle and money and retaining your focus for more important tasks.



When you’re a busy entrepreneur, you want to focus on the heart of your business rather than spending all of your time tending to the boring bits like accounting and marketing. And yet you also don’t really have time or resources to assemble a qualified team to manage your business. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an app that took all the pain out of running a one-man show? That’s where 17hats comes in. It keeps you organized and makes it a snap to do everything from send invoices to generate new clients.


Spoiler Block Pro

Originally designed to block TV and movie spoilers from appearing on your social media newsfeeds, Spoiler Block Pro is also a fantastic app to keep you focused on business. Sites like Twitter and Facebook are important marketing channels for many businesses, but it’s easy to get distracted by the plethora of content that appears in each feed. Remove certain topics from your feed altogether to hone in on exactly what you need to do. This app makes it especially easy to find new leads once you’ve weeded out the extra irrelevant posts.



Do you flip back and forth between multiple devices throughout the day? Maybe you have a smartphone that you regularly check on the go, a tablet that you work on while you’re at home, a desktop at work and a smartwatch that keeps you updated no matter where you are. With so many devices, you run the risk of missing an important push notification or alert. Pushover syncs all of your devices so that your notifications will appear on each one. There’s no need to manually change the settings for every app on every device; Pushover takes care of it! Never miss an important reminder again with this useful app.



To-do lists are vital ways to maintain productivity. A gesture as simple as writing down the day’s tasks can help keep you on-track and motivated to push ahead and complete the list. There is undoubtedly a feeling of accomplishment in checking off every item! But to-do lists aren’t the only lists that are useful; any time you have thoughts bouncing around in your head, it’s better to write them down and clear room in your mind for the important work that you are doing in the moment. And that’s exactly what the Clear app allows you to do. Marketing itself as a way to “declutter your life,” Clear lets you create multiple lists and daily reminders so that you’re always making progress.
We can all use a little help boosting productivity at work and in our personal lives. These 6 apps will help to ensure that you stay on track, stay motivated, never miss an important reminder and don’t waste time on tasks that can be simplified or automated altogether.

Have you found a new productivity app that you are excited to put to use in the New Year? Or have you used one of the above apps already? Let us know what you’ve discovered in the comments below!

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