5 SEO Techniques that Work in 2018 and Beyond

The whole idea of SEO is to get more traffic flowing to your website with the hope of having potential clients that will eventually turn into quality leads and conversions. It is what it takes to get your business to the next level.

With the current shifting world, SEO has not been left out, and you can always expect something new to roll out. What happens is that traditional SEO techniques may remain helpful to some extent, but they are not as effective as the updated ones. It is for this reason that you need to change gears and adopt the following five techniques for you to see an improvement in your website ranking.

1. Use images

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If you are not already meshing images into your content, then you are missing out on the number of shares you should be getting by now. Including images does not only entail having colorful posts on your website. The photos should include high quality and relevant images. Using visuals in your content makes it more engaging and interactive. Pictures tell a thousand words. With images, you are not just limited to using photos of the sea or the moon. You can also use graphs and charts to represent stats.

They will be more compelling and draw more attention than a bucket of numerics would.

2. Work on your bounce rate

13 Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate and Increase Your Conversions

How often have you clicked on a site, only for you to exit? Probably more than twice.

Well, such incidences increase the bounce rates of a website. Bounce rates are a translation of bad user experience: mostly the visitor not being able to find what they are looking for. In 2018, you need to take it upon you to ensure that the bounce rates are as minimal as possible.

The first step is to enhancing the architecture of your website so that your visitors find an easy time navigating through the different pages you have. Improving the readability of your content will also go a long way in helping the users understand it, hence improving the dwell time. Minimize on the popups: they can get irritating. Finally, incorporating an alluring call-to-action will help you a great deal in improving your bounce rate.

3. Have your keywords

Nothing beats authenticity. In SEO, you will have so much to reap if you learn to create your keywords that identify specifically with your brand. How does it work? For instance, if there are ten of you trying to optimize a particular keyword, it may not work faster for your ranking if you were the only one optimized for that keyword: which is why originality is encouraged.

If you create an excellent original keyword, then it works in your favor and become popular, you will be the one to take the credit for a high-volume keyword.

4. Make your content longer

It is time for you to ditch the 300-words posts on your website. There is so much that you will gain by producing content that is 1800 words and above. Well, in this case, less cannot always be more.

Longer posts mean they are detailed, and detail means that they are helpful to the users. Your website gets to rank higher if it is deemed useful to the user. It is undoubtedly time-consuming to write an article from 0-2000 words. There are tricks that you may employ to make you accomplish longer content without breaking too much sweat.

Making existing pages longer is one of the ways. For example, if you have 500-1000 words long pages, you can build on them to make them 2000 words. The catch here is that you will be working on pages that already have some authority and readership. And how exactly do you spot pages that have potential to improve them? You will go to Google’s Console and find pages that are ranking from 11-30. Such pages are perfect for creating additional content, which will make them rank even higher.

  5. Optimize your YouTube SEO

8 Advanced Tips for YouTube Search Optimization

The fact that you are using YouTube as one of the social media platforms for your marketing campaigns is great. You would want to know how you have hit the jackpot. One is because stats show that in Google Search, YouTube videos rank top 10. Also, other reports have confirmed that there are over 1.8 billion logged in active YouTube monthly users.

What does that tell you? Your brand has so much potential for sourcing traffic and customers from YouTube, and it is for this specific reason that you need to get it right by ensuring that your YouTube videos are on point. Remember that after Google, YouTube is also the second most used search engine.

How do you make your videos SEO friendly, first the Video title should be alluring and contain a keyword that is relevant to your content. More so, the title has to be clickable. Second, make your videos longer: longer videos tend to have more views on Youtube. Last but not least, remember that YouTube videos need descriptions the same way content that is in a text is. Also, Google does not crawl through videos, so you should get your shot right in your video descriptions.

SEO is always changing: something that is not about to change. You should always be on the lookout for changing trends for you to restructure and make the most out of SEO. If you do so, your SEO will yield better results on

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