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4 Fun and Funky Floating Pool Lights

While the interior of your home may be a nerd’s paradise — with its Darth Vader clock, assortment of sci-fi movie posters and Rubik’s Cubes on the coffee table — your backyard still needs some work.

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Fortunately, if you have an in-ground or above-ground pool, it is easy and affordable to add a touch of quirkiness to your backyard in the form of some really cool floating pool lights. For example, check out these geektastic ideas:

Colorful Plastic Orbs

Floating Globe with Color Changing LED Lights-pool-balls
Floating Globe with Color Changing LED Lights

If you want your pool to look like some sort of alien pods have landed and are now treading water, you will love the LED pool lights from Glow Source. The orb-shaped lights contain LED mood lights and come in two versions. One is a water-activated illuminated pool ball that will switch on when the orb’s sensors are placed into the pool. The other version that Glow Source sells fades through six colors and then flashes red, blue and green or can be set to hold steady on pink and purple. The orbs are around 3 inches across and will look amazing when floating around your pool.

If you are feeling crafty and happen to be near a dollar store, you can also make your own version of floating orbs by picking up a few packs of balloons and glow sticks. Blow up the balloons and stick an activated glow stick inside each one before knotting it shut; then drop the balloons in the pool and sit back and imagine what you’ll say to the aliens once they emerge from the orbs.

Floating Solar Pool Lights

12-inch GalaxyGLO Large Solar-Powered Waterproof 5 Color Changing Globe with Remote

If you love the ethereal look of subtly glowing lights and are fascinated by anything solar, check out the Floating Solar Pool Lights from In the Swim. These floating lights start to glow on their own when it gets dark, and they do not require any electricity — which means no endless buying of batteries — and when fully charged, they will stay illuminated for 8 hours. The lights also alternate between seven colors as they do their solar-powered thing.

Mini Jellyfish Lights

Glowing Effect Artificial Jellyfish Ornament Swim Pool

Okay, how cool is this: floating pool lights that look like mini jellyfish. Available from Deluxe Comfort, the Ocean Art Light-Up Mini Jellies floating lights are perfect for the budding marine biologist who has seen every “Jaws” movie a zillion times. The LED jellyfish lights come in green and purple and emit a soft light that goes through the body of the jellyfish, right down to the tentacles.

If you don’t have a pool, you can add a few of these to your pond or even a large bird bath, although the chickadees might wonder what jellyfish are doing in their space.

The Aliens Have Landed Lights

Ivation Waterproof Bluetooth Swimming Pool Floating Speaker

The fine folks at Intex probably didn’t sit down and say, “Let’s make floating pool lights that look exactly like UFOs,” but the resulting LED Floating Pool Lights definitely resemble small mother ships. Available at major retailers, the Intex lights come in a 2-pack and can light up an impressive 18 feet with an eerie extraterrestrial-like glow.

The lights have three different modes: a flood light look, a 3-color changer and a flood light/color changer combo platter.

Although they do run on batteries, these little UFOs will shut themselves off automatically after two hours, so if you are watching “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” on your iPad while sitting under the nighttime sky, you don’t have to fumble with the pool lights once the movie ends.

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