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Ubuntu to Unveil Operating System for Tablets

Ubuntu has earned the unique distinction of emerging as the world’s most sought after operating system. What makes it even more appealing is the fact that it is a free operating system that neatly fits into your pocket. Today, Android run hand-held devices are filling out as PCs remarkably well. Ubuntu for Android is one such operating system that is as comfortable to work with as it is on your PC. Your Android phone can turn itself into a PC once it is connected to a monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Ubuntu Design & User Experience for Phones – Elegance, distilled

Ubuntu offers a range of benefits for network operators. It helps deliver the next-gen desktop in one device. It helps the network operators develop their portfolio from the smartphone to the ubiquitous desktop by rendering productivity desktop apps that include Windows apps as well. The various handset manufacturers on the other hand, benefit from increased sales of multi-core phones that are powered with faster CPUs increased random access memory and high-end graphics.

The best part is that Ubuntu and Android are allowed to share the same Linux kernel that lets them both run simultaneously, of course Android while you are on the go, and Ubuntu when you tether yourself. It all boils down to convenience as you will be using a single address book in both occasions, and the same bookmarks appear at both places, which goes for you mail inbox and text messages as well. The perfect complementing of Android and Ubuntu enables you to make or receive calls even when you are docked.

Ubuntu Be Kiddin’ Me – Now For Tablets!?!

Ubuntu to Unveil Operating System for Tablets

Ubuntu is known to have proved itself by setting the standard for ease of use. This is one reason why it is the preferred operating system that is shipped by most PC makers and a favorite of users alike. The complete range of applications for the desktop that includes web browsing, office, messaging, email, and media is now being offered on tablets as well through the new operating system.

Even the personal information like contacts and other memorabilia like photo galleries and your genre of music can be accessed from the phone and the desktop interface, as the case may be. The SMS text messages sent to your mobile phone arrive at your desktop, if you happen to be there at that moment, and so are the calls that can be handled like voice over internet protocol or VoIP, right on your desktop itself. This sort of camaraderie can be expected in the forthcoming Ubuntu operating system that is being developed for tablets as well. Years of research have paid off handsomely, as is evident from the seamless blending of the two.

Brace Yourselves For Awesome!

Ubuntu on tablets – Tastefully tactile

The Linux based operating system that has been announced by Ubuntu is set to repeat the success it showed on Android and PC. The preview is to be made available on Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4 towards end February at the upcoming Mobile World Congress. This tablet-optimized version of the operating system should be available for developers who are already making plans about their next shipment of tablets that will most probably run Ubuntu.

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