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Top 6 Companies that Accept Bitcoin In 2019

The spotlight is beginning to shift towards businesses that accept Bitcoin as a method of payment. In 2019, more companies are taking advantage of Bitcoin payments to attract a new customer base. Whether it is for positioning the company as a progressive one that is open to new tech innovations or simply to market the business as a business of the future, accepting Bitcoin payment promises a lot of benefits for both customers and businesses. Today, you will find a wider variety of retailers and service providers that accept Bitcoin payment.  The popularity of Bitcoin ATMs is growing with more small businesses such as convenience stores and local restaurants installing these machines within their business premises. Stick with us to learn how your business can start accepting Bitcoin payments.

Here are a few companies that are accepting Bitcoin in 2019.


New Starbucks partnership with Microsoft allows customers to pay for Frappuccinos with bitcoin

Microsoft is one of the first big companies that have been accepting Bitcoin as far back as 2014 in its Xbox online platform.  They discontinued the payment for a short period due to the volatility of cryptocurrency, and this remains a major issue that crypto investors have to deal with. They resumed accepting Bitcoins strictly for their Xbox platforms shortly after. We can expect to see Microsoft expand this payment method to other products and services.


Remember Overstock? It’s basically a crypto company now

Overstock is currently leading the pack when it comes to shopping and digital currencies. The company takes it further by accepting multiple digital currencies, and not just Bitcoin. Overstock offers customers the option of storing their Bitcoins, and this has positioned them as one of the few companies that focus on making cryptocurrency a part of their company, and not just using it as a marketing strategy.


Namecheap is a popular website that registers domains and offers web hosting services. It is a favourite of the crypto community for their support of Bitcoin payment. The company also makes it extremely easy to fund your Namecheap account by sending in Bitcoin.


Newegg will take your Bitcoin now

Newegg, like Overstock, is a company that is well known in the cryptocurrency community for accepting Bitcoin payment for computer hardware purchases. The company is also known for purchasing cryptocurrency mining hardware. They sell all kinds of computers including laptops and desktops of all kinds and specs, and computer hardware components.


Expedia Will Take Your Hotel Payments in Bitcoin

Expedia is a popular site for travellers, where you can view and book flights to any destination in the world. They currently offer Bitcoin as a method of payment for all forms of travel.

KFC Canada

KFC Accepts Bitcoin In Canada Now

KFC Canada is one of the food companies that have recently joined the Bitcoin bandwagon. They have also joined the Bitcoin twitter community by using memes to strategically draw the Bitcoin community to their company. Whether they are in it for the publicity or marketing, or they are in it for the whole stretch is not yet clear.

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