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The Unicorn Of Product Success

What’s a unicorn in a business environment? You might be thinking of the mythical horse-like woodland creature with a horn, symbol of grace and purity in the fantasy world. Even in the world of fairy tales, unicorns are supposed to be a rare sight. So, that’s probably why unicorn startup businesses with a value of over $1 billion are named after it. 

Unicorns are a rarity by definition. This makes a great product manager another unicorn of the business world. Indeed, product management is one of the most multidisciplinary business processes, combining no less than 15 skill sets. A great product management team needs to make room for every discipline — technology, data analysis, research, marketing, PR, leadership, finance, etc. — around the table. Indeed, product management is the process of overseeing the product throughout every stage: concept, building, test, launch, and growth. Companies need to seek a true multidisciplinary unicorn to bring the project together and leverage essential skills within the team. 

Unfortunately, the unicorn project manager is not found in the woodlands, unlike its fairy tale homonym. This kind of unicorn develops over time through training and process optimization. If you are wondering what difference dedicated training can make for project management, the statistics introduced by this cool infographic speak for themselves. PMs can achieve over 42.5% improved transformational changes in the project management process with targeted training and methods, leading to better strategy, pricing, forecasting, and end-of-life product skills. It begs the question: Is it time to stop searching for an impossible mythical creature and start training your staff to become the business’s unicorn?

Infographic designed by: 280 Group – Product Management Training

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