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Is New World on Its Deathbed?

 As the number of active players for New World plummets, you’d have to wonder whether the game is on its way to its deathbed or not.

Shortly after its successful launch, Amazon Game Studios’ first MMO, New World, is struggling with an exodus of players. During October, the title had a whopping 900,000 concurrent players active. Then a month later, the number has dropped to 400,000. More detailed information can be found on the game’s SteamCharts (which can be accessed by anyone, by the way), where it shows that New World is consistently losing players. The launch of New World saw a massive hype that’s largely run its course by now, hence why the MMO is only seeing 200k to 400k people roaming around Aeternum instead of 700k to 900k. Is this the sign that people are done with farming New World gold? That New World is slowly succumbing to its death?

The Burnout

Some Problems New World Has to Fix

One of the main reasons why there aren’t as many players in New World these days is because they’ve already reached the end of the line with the game. The main caveat of New World is that it doesn’t have a great endgame, so people just end up putting the MMO down when they’ve run out of things to do or no reason to farm New World gold anymore.

When it comes to skill leveling, the higher you get, the more you discover that doing crafting at higher levels and pushing to have better skills is just plain exhausting. New World still doesn’t have a very logical system where you could just use the materials that you’ve unlocked for crafting. Let’s you have a certain type of fabric. To use that fabric, you’ll not only need the level to be able to use it for crafting, you’ll also need to have high-level materials as well, some of which aren’t available where you’re located at. So you then have to scour the entire map and different farming spots just to make a single type of new material. This system gets more oppressive in the later levels to the point where you would have to resort use massive luck boosts just to get the materials that you need for doing most crafting.

And don’t get us started on the expeditions, because those are a chore to get through in the endgame too. Most of the questlines keep dead-ending at Expeditions. Expeditions are essentially non-matchmade dungeon activities that cost a limited quantity currency for every round. The worst part is if you fail at these Expeditions, you still use up the currency. So you’ll need to get a solid group together just to ensure that you can beat those Expeditions, lest you waste your time and resources. But what if you’re a solo player that doesn’t have any friends that play New World? Well, you could always try to recruit members in the general chat, but there’s no assurance that the Expedition would be successful.

The Aftermath of the Gold Exploits

New World gold exploit countermeasure leads to new gold exploit

You’ve probably heard of the recent gold exploits that happened in New World. Over the last few weeks or so, Amazon Game Studios have found multiple game-breaking bugs, one of which was the gold dupe exploit which lets players get millions of the currency through simple means. This led to New World’s economy becoming fundamentally broken. Plagued with overburdening tax systems, gold sinks, etc, it’s not an understatement to say that anything related to trading in New World is in shambles. Plus the fact that there are not enough ways to make gold, reaching Level 60 results in the MMO becoming a poor house simulator.

New World’s PvP and Pve Content Are Weak

New World PvP: what PvP modes are there in New World?

The biggest selling point of New World was the promise of the ability to participate in large-scale faction warfare that could change the power dynamic of the game’s worlds, providing truly unique PvP experiences. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case these days. The biggest problem with New World’s PvP is that the game’s Outpost Rush feature has been disabled since its launch. And while Amazon has since restored it, there are still inherent issues with New World’s large-scale PvP warfares that need to be solved like the endgame PvP being too difficult to participate in.

Compared to New World’s PvP content, we already knew beforehand that its PvE counterpart was going to play second fiddle. Most of New World’s PvE revolves around Invasions, Expeditions, Elite Enemy encounters, acquiring Legendary weapons, and Arenas. It’s all pretty standard stuff when talking about what goes into an MMO’s endgame, which in itself is kind of the problem; it’s too bland. With very little PvE endgame content that feels unique and out of the box, players have very little reason to dive into it at all. For now, everything feels like an eventual finale of the leveling process rather than having incredible new possibilities.

A Messy Conclusion

How many people play New World? New World Player count tracker (2021)

Having a massive drop on an MMO’s player count isn’t anything out of the ordinary since they do tend to fluctuate over time. After all, you can’t expect people to play the game 24/7. But if Amazon Game Studios’ doesn’t fix the problems that they’re having any time soon, the community will more or less get bored–especially the folks who are already at the endgame territory. Farming New World gold is fun and all, but what’s the point if there’s nothing new to look forward to anymore? Only time will tell on what the outcome will be for New World’s future, but for now, it’s too early to sign the MMO’s death warrant without even giving it a chance. Do you think New World is dying? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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