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Is It Legal For Indians to Trade In Forex?

The expression Forex refers to the Foreign Exchange Market, which is also known as FX. It is a decentralized global market that falls under the over-the-counter category (OTC). I’m sure you’ve heard of the word OTC. Trading takes place individually between two parties without the supervision of exchange in an over-the-counter or off-exchange market. And a daily trading rate of more than 5 trillion dollars, Forex is the world’s most liquid, most extensive, and competitive market. This market is where all international currencies are traded.

The legality of Forex Trading in India

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The Forex market works under the margin lending concept, ensuring you can exchange for a more significant sum for a smaller investment. The RBI has imposed certain limits on foreign exchange trading to safeguard its foreign reserves and protect its residents from financial harm. LRS (Liberalised Remittance Scheme) was formerly limited to 2 lac, but the RBI has now reduced it to 70-75k. Forex trading is considered unconstitutional if these limits are not followed. There are, however, legitimate ways to get involved with Forex Trading.

Corporations and Forex Trading

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The banks’ notes on the evidence have stated that only companies are permitted to trade, with the provision that the corporations use only free dollars from their deposits. Free dollar use means they cannot exchange Indian currency for dollars and only trade with the converted dollars. Furthermore, they have been educated to use a leverage of fewer than ten times.

RBI Reports on Forex Trading and Individual Traders

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Electronic and internet-based international trade is prohibited explicitly for individuals. The explanation for this is that it provides them with high returns but at a high expense—incarceration costs. Individual traders in India have also been cautioned by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) against online trading portals that guarantee high profits but fail to disclose to the traders that they are engaged in an illegal operation in their region.

The RBI also released a circular in which it claimed that some agents contacted traders and advised them to invest in forex trading to make big profits. Many of the persons engaged in this illegal dealing were stuck as a part of this retrospective. Furthermore, the bulk of the trading conducted through these internet channels was done with incredibly high leverage.

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An individual may exchange Forex in several ways, like purchasing one currency while selling another in the same deal. Forex exchange trades have historically and for a long time been made by a forex broker. However, with the prevalence of online trading, traders can conveniently take advantage of the benefits of forex market fluctuations by trading derivatives such as CFDs (leveraged products that allow an investor, whether individual or institutional, to open a position for a fraction of the total value of the trade).

Wrapping It Up

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However, there is no question that Forex is the world’s largest market, but you should be careful when selecting your trading approach. I hope you found the article Forex Trading In India Is Legal Or Not beneficial.

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