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How to Save Money by Reading eBooks

The world of electronic reading is still expanding and there are now many ways to take advantage of this so that you can keep reading and spend less money. If you have an eReader, or any device that is compatible with eReader applications, you can start saving money today by using these helpful tips for finding great discounts on eBooks. Whether you want to borrow eBooks or own them yourself, there are options for downloading electronic versions of books that range from very inexpensive to completely free, if you know where to look.

Borrowing eBooks

How to Borrow Ebooks

Since so many people now use eBooks, libraries have discovered that they have to catch up. Many libraries now offer programs that let you check eBooks out onto your own electronic device. You might even be able to check out the eReader itself, preloaded with eBooks. If you have an eReader, try checking your local library’s website for which books are available in electronic format. You might find that there are more than you thought, and that this is a great way to read the books you want without having to pay for them. You can also take advantage of borrowing eBooks through other means. Some eBooks are available for lending, which means that if you know someone who has an eReader and has purchased a book you want to read, that person can lend you the eBook, just like people lend physical paper books. Check out your eReader provider to see how this function works and which books are available.

Finding Free eBooks

The Best Websites for Finding, Downloading, Borrowing, Renting, and Purchasing eBooks

The boom in eBooks has resulted in a lot of self-publishing from authors who only make their books available in electronic format. Since these people often don’t have agents or publishers, and they don’t have to spend initial money on actually printing their books, result is that they are able to make profits on their books even if they sell them at very low prices, like just a couple of dollars or even less. Some authors even offer their books for free for a period of time, especially if the book is the first in a series, so that people will get to know the author and publish his or her books later on. Search through the self-published eBooks on your eReader and you’re likely to find some great deals. You can also find many classics that are available for free at all times, allowing you to download free eBooks and read them without paying a cent. There are so many free eBooks available that you could keep yourself busy reading books that didn’t cost you anything at all for a very long time.

Paper rules: Why borrowing an e-book from your library is so difficult

There are many options for inexpensive or even free eBooks, meaning that making the switch to electronic reading can save you a great deal of money. If you calculate how much even just a few fiction paperbacks would cost at your local bookstore and compare it to the cost of a couple of self-published eBooks, or the zero dollar cost of library check-outs or borrowed eBooks, you’ll easily see how eBooks can save you a lot of money.

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