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How to Nerd-Out Your Home Decor

Embracing your inner (or outer) nerd is about more than just being secure in who you are, it’s about adopting an entire lifestyle that reflects all the things you enjoy and are passionate about. This includes transforming your home into a work of art that only the cream of the crop will truly appreciate. Here are a few ideas to help you showcase and promote the life you love to live.

Make It Efficient

Decorate Your Room: 2 Broke Geeks

Decorations and improvements aren’t always just about making a place look better. They can also make your home more efficient, saving you time and money while adding a little personal flair all your own.

• Energy – Solar panels are no longer the boxy, clunky, ugly monstrosities that they were when first introduced to residential customers. Innovations in technology and miniaturization have allowed companies like Colored Solar to create works of art that can blend right into your roof or landscaping while still providing energy to your home.

• Blinds – Using the sun to power your house and light your rooms is great, but sometimes you want the light and not the heat that comes with it. Cellular shades are filled with pockets of air that insulate your windows while still allowing the light through. You can also get them custom made to fit nearly any décor or style that you might have in your home.

iRobot Roomba 770 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Pets and Allergies

• Cleaning – Why do the work yourself when you can get your home to clean itself? Pick up a Roomba for your floor (or one of its variations), a Winbot for your windows, and a Robomow for your yard to keep your house looking pristine all year long.

• Insulation – You want to make sure that your heating and cooling bills stay low so to do this ensure that your windows are air tight and the roof and walls are well insulated. Sometimes it helps to update the insulation in your home to keep the heat (or cool) inside your home. Sometimes damaged windows and walls are the culprit – if that is the case then consider replacing your insulation and updating the drywall in your home. To learn more visit here: Drywall Repair for Dummies.

Make It Smart

Securifi Almond+ : (3 Minute Setup) Long Range Touchscreen Wireless AC Router / Range Extender + Home Automation Hub

Remember HAL? He’s back, in the form of Home Automated Living. This operating system for your home uses the existing infrastructure of wiring already in your house, to control virtually everything you can think of. From turning on and off lights, closing your garage, and locking your doors, to controlling your home theater system, this automated system can handle it all. It can even be programmed with preset modes for easy manipulation of your entire home. And with remote access, your home can be fully controlled using voice recognition from anywhere in the world. And don’t forget the fact that it is interactive; HAL responds to your commands verbally and can even send you text alerts about things that are happening at home while you are away.

Make It Fun

DX Racer OH/MX0/NW Office PVC Racing Style Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Not everything has to be all form and function. If you have the space, consider turning one of your rooms into a full on gaming paradise. The ultimate PC gaming desk “Swordfish,” combined with a top quality chair from DXRacer, can highlight the room and take your gaming to the next level. If you’re a fan of racing games, one corner of your room can feature the 401 Driving Simulator from Force Dynamic. And for console fans, consider putting together your own ultimate gaming setup. However, only time will tell the quality of these chairs, and how long they stay looking nice.

Whatever your style, make sure your home reflects your personality whenever you can. Embrace your inner nerd in every aspect of your life and make your home a marvel that everyone wants to see.

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