How To Make Your Online Ads More Effective

Tired of advertising online and not getting any results from it? Here are a few ways in which you can improve the effectiveness of your online adverts.

Understand your purpose

Best Practices for Designing Effective Banner Ads

There are two reasons that companies create online ads. One is to gain exposure and brand awareness. The other is to directly attract customers to a certain webpage. Decide what you want out of your ads first as it could determine how they should look and where you should display them.  

Target the right places

Certain types of places may be better for displaying your ads. If you’re a local business, you may find that Facebook is a good platform. If you’re a business to business company you may find that targeting LinkedIn gets you results. You can also display ads on video-sharing sites and create ads to display within apps.

Think beyond banner ads

There are many other types of online advert beyond banner ads. Video ads could be a fun way to get noticed on sites like Youtube. It’s also possible to run your search engine listing as an ad using Google Adwords, as well promoting posts on Facebook and Twitter. You can even create audio ads to play on sites like Spotify.

Say no to pop-ups

The good, the bad and the ugly of pop-up ads

Pop-ups are one type of advert that are going out of favour. Most people find them annoying and tend to click the cross button straight away. The only time you may want to use a pop-up is on your website as a way of getting people to sign up to your mailing list – otherwise they’re best avoided.

Get your ads professionally designed & managed

Some people do try to build their own ads, but this isn’t recommended unless you have graphic design expertise. An amateurish ad could negatively affect your band’s credibility. Professionals also know all the secrets to building a striking ad – small details such as using certain fonts and colours could get people’s attention and get people clicking.

Alongside the design of your ads, it’s also worth thinking about the way that they are managed. There are loads of tools out there that can help you to figure out how well your ads are doing, but using an option like Facebook advertising agency Robben Media can save you going through a process of trial and error to get your ads working properly.

Improve results with scripts and analytics

Say goodbye to low Quality Score with this Google Ads script

There are many scripts that can provide you with data to help you improve your ads such as this automation stack for Google Ads. There may also be analytics tools that you can use to see how many people are responding to your ad, what their demographic is and how they found your ad (i.e. what keywords did they use).

Run ads at the right times

Timing can also be an important factor when running an advertising campaign. You can usually choose during which hours you want your ads to display – think about when your ideal customer is most likely to be online. For example, business-to-business companies are usually much better off advertising during 9 to 5 work hours on weekdays, whilst business-to-consumer companies are much better advertising out of work hours.

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