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How To Improve Your Website and Beat Your Competition

Your website may be your most important marketing tool. Prospects will eventually visit your website before they decide to buy a product or service from you. The look and performance of your site has a huge impact on the client’s buying decision. Use these tips to improve your website and beat the competition.

Using WordPress to improve site design

How To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

WordPress is a great online publishing platform, which powers more than 20% of the sites on the web. It’s a great tool, because you can develop an attractive website without any coding knowledge.

You can select from hundreds of themes. A theme is a template for your site. You can choose a theme design that fits the purpose of your site.

You can also use plugins. A plugin includes html coding for a specific feature on a website. For example, you can add a plugin that allows a popup window to appear that asks the viewer to sign up for a newsletter.

Driving traffic with guest posting

Guest Blogging Strategies

In recent years, Google has changed the system they use to rank websites during a Google search. A Google search now places a greater emphasis on good content.

If your consistently add relevant content (blog posts, articles) to your site, you will rank higher in a Google search. If someone searches Google using a keyword that relates to your site, you’ll rank higher in that search.

Another way to increase traffic to your site is through guest posting. Wikipedia defines guest posting as creating content and publishing it on another website. The idea here is to post on a site that gets a high volume of traffic.

Say, for example, that your site markets high end cooking equipment (pots, pans, etc.) You write a guest post for a popular cooking website. Your name and website link appear at the end of the guest post. More traffic comes to your website- and you sell more cooking equipment.

Dedicated hosting

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing A WordPress Host

Your web hosting company can be critical to your website’s success. The web hosting firm ensures that your site pages load quickly for viewers. The host also provides security and stores your website data (text, images, etc.). If you are using a CMS there are plenty of sites like WPBeginner that make it super easy to optimize your wordpress site without having to get an expensive dedicated hosting plan.

If optimization isn’t enough however, Arvixe web hosting explains that many firms use dedicated hosting, so don’t be surprised if your high traffic site really needs the extra horsepower. Dedicated hosting means that the hosting firm provides specific servers that house your web data. This option gives the client more control over their data and security. As your business grows, you might consider dedicated hosting to handle large influxes of new users.

Mobile devices

Mobile Optimization and the Google Algorithm Change – 7 Steps to Stay Friendly

A majority of Google search views are now performed using mobile devices. In April of 2015, Google boosted the search rankings of mobile-friendly pages on mobile search results. It’s critically important that your website is mobile-friendly.

A mobile-friendly website is easy to view and navigate on a mobile phone screen. The fonts, text size and buttons should be easy to see. The web pages need to be designed to allow the viewer to click on buttons and swipe pages with their finger.

If you use WordPress, you can choose a theme that is formatted to look great on a mobile device. Since WordPress allows you to switch between themes, you can try different ones until you get the mobile look that you want. These steps will help your Google search rankings when people perform a keyword search on a mobile phone.

8 Tools to Research Your Competition

Use all of these tips to improve your website. You can make your website more attractive, and entice viewers to buy your product or service.

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